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Dir 0936 and the Global Approach

No description

Timothy French

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Dir 0936 and the Global Approach

DIR 0936 and the Global Approach
The context: Niger
Prior to 2013, little US presence
No US bases

Washington, D.C.
ICRC Headquarters Geneva
Regional Delegation Niamey
Should the delegation approach US forces, and why?
How to approach US forces?
What tools does 0936/GA offer to assist the delegation?

The Problematic
Need for 0936 revision
U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, end 2014
Changing modus operandi of U.S. power projection
Converging elements

High water mark for ICRC - U.S. dialogue

ICRC field experience outside operational contexts have no reflex to engage

Transversal response
What is it and how do they fit together?
Revised 0936
Global Approach
ICRC institutional approach to US forces
GVA GLOB Coordination
Washington Delegation
Brussels delegation
Field delegation

Field delegation
0936/Global approach in action
Relies heavily on internal coordination
Global approach toolbox supplements regular archives
Annual annex updates for further information
PROT GLOB GeoPortal leverages technology to enrich and enhance utility in the field
Drone Base Niamey

U.S. Air Force personnel (120+)
At least 2 Reaper surveillance drones
Flying in support of Operation Serval
With consent of government of Niger
Coordination structure of 0936
Step 1: Research on US presence and related humanitarian concerns
Step 2: Approach the US embassy (military attaché)
if blocked
Step 3: Utilize Geneva the combatant command (via Geneva)
Step 4: Mobilize Washington

Step 1: Research
Who What Where When and Why?
First stop should always be the Global Approach Doc Sharing
Check the relevant Annex to Dir 0936 - GeoPortal
...plus the usual sources: Archives, Region CADO, etc.

The US embassy in context
The combatant command for Africa (excluding Egypt) is US Africa Command, located in Stuttgart Germany. The coordination for AFRICOM is via the ICRC Brussels delegation.
ICRC Coordination

Allows the GLOB team to track trends (in particular for the GeoPortal)
Inform all relevant stakeholders
Mobilize others when required

Communicate to key delegation (BRU/WAS)
Brussels delegation
U.S Africa Command
Stuttgart, Germany
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