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The 1980's and The Color Purple.

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alec mayo

on 4 January 2014

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Transcript of The 1980's and The Color Purple.

The 1980's and
The Color Purple.

Sexism in the 1980's
Women were invisible.
disregarded and ignored.
"freedom was equated with manhood. and freedom of blacks was souley for men." (but some of us are brave)
Mass media and racism
media controls citizens views.
portrayed african americans as barbarians. (mass media and racism)
black men shown only to be drug dealers or gangsters.
women shown as unintelligent and usless.
only 8% of african american race were estimated to partake in criminal activity. (mass media and racism)
Growth and spread of discrimination
In 1980's discrimination revitalized on college campuses.
began to spread to society.
mostly in working class and metropolitan area.
(study focused on years 1984 to 1990)
Sexism in schools.
More focus placed on boys in classes.
"whether in elementary, secondary, or college level coeducational classrooms, males receive more attention from teachers and generally dominate classroom activities." (sexism in single-sex and coeducational independent school classrooms study)
Related works of the time.
Other works of that in the corresponding time period all focused on the same issue.

Ruther, Sexism and God talk. 1983
Daly: After the Death of God the Father. 1973
Beyond God the father: Toward a Philosophy of women's liberation. 1973
God the father: Theology and Patriachy in the teachings of Jesus. 1979.
Sisters in the Wilderness: The challenge of womenist God talk. 1993
During the time that "The Color
Purple" was written, american was
plagued by sexism and racism.
Throughout the country african
american women were mistreated
and looked down upon by all. This story was written to counteract the
discrimination taking place, as
well as give african american
women the support which
they so desperately needed.
But some of us are Brave: A history of
black feminism in the United States.
Mit. Dec 12, 2013. Mit.edu
Feeling "Father God." Lawson college.
Dec. 12, 2013. meyerhoff.goucher.edu.
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Sexism in single-sex and coeducational independent secondary school classrooms. Valerie E. Lee. April 1994. American Sociological Association. Dec. 15, 2013. Umich.edu.
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