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Taking Cornell Notes

This is a skill, which we are learning about today, that will be used in class and on homework throughout the year.

David Ross

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Taking Cornell Notes

A system for taking notes:
A) Class
B) Movie
C) Reading
After reading the chapter at home, you will be taking cornell notes on what you have read.
Is a method for mastering information, not just recording facts.
After note taking, you will be required to summarize what you have learned.
Notes that you take in this class will help you to study for all of our tests.

What are cornell notes? What do Cornell notes look like? Paper is split in two.
Fold paper to the down the middle of the page.
Left side is for:
B) Headings
C) Questions
D) Vocabulary words
The Right side is for:
A) Notes
B) Answers
C) Ideas
D) Definitions
Here is an example of a begining student's try at Cornell
Notes Homework. Example of a middle level student's try Example of an accomplished level note taker Now please take out another piece of paper so that we can practice this.. Please Turn to page 27

Chapter 2, Lesson 1. Hunters and Gatherers (Write this at the top of the page)

Congratulations :)
You are done.
This is a skill that you will use throughout your schooling.
If you don’t understand please let me know.
Directions: 1) Two Facts per
2) Define all Yellow Vocabulary words.
3) Answer all 3 Essential Questions.
4) Wrtite a two sentance summary at the end.
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