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Country Presentation

Lihuan Meyer

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of Croatia

Isn't part of the EU [yet-it's still waiting]. by Lihuan Meyer Capital is
Zagreb Surrounded by Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Adriatic Sea. 45 degrees North
15 degrees East Climate
Hot, dry summers and cold winters Population size is about 4.35 million 96% speak Serbo-Croatian
4% Italian, Hungarian, Czetch,
Slovak, and German Most people are Roman Catholics [86%] 26% Arable land
2% Permanent crops
32% Forests GDP Per Capita
is about $8,800 3 Geographic zones: Central hills and mountains
Pannonian and Peri-PannonianPlains Think that it will get in because: Supports democracy
1st Democratic Constitution was in 1990
Has party of rights Has a strong, stable economy-
better than about 5 EU countries Problems hey there After a war, the GDP fell by more than 40% Government used to bail out banks frequently Unemployment rate is very high First applied for membership in 2003 European Commission
recommended making
it an official
candidate in 2004 Countries like Slovenia
wanted the border
issues with Croatia
to be dealt with
first before it is
accepted into the EU Most of the countries in the EU support the idea of Croatia's membership. Relative Location Languages Geography Absolute Location However... So... We think it will get into the EU in the near future The End Croatian Kuna
0.1891 US dollars Very large tourism industry Agriculture Crops include: wheat, corn,
sugar beets, sunflower seeds,
livestock SAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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