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03.02 Public Policy: Assessment

No description

destiny flynn

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of 03.02 Public Policy: Assessment

03.02 Public Policy: Assessment
Destiny Flynn
The public policy idea that I will be exlaining is unemployment. In the last few years the unemployment rate has droped. To this day the unemployment rate is at a average of 5.3%. The unemployment rate is calculated as a percentage by dividing the number of unemployed individuals by all individuals currently in the labor force. Individuals that are unployed have the chance to fill out paper work to see if they can recieve speciall help from the state. Some individuls get approved and others dont, it just depends.
Public Policy Idea:
Costs: The costs for unemployment is that more and more companie will be losing more money. This will happenen because there is more money that they will be putting out. Lets just say that the company has 15 work trucks and there are 67 workers, the company will have to buy more work trucks, and that means more gas cost, and insurance, ect. Another cost is that more people will not have jobs to support them selves and their family.
Beniffets: The beniffets for unemployment is that business will have more money to save rather spendig it all on just the workers and work vechicles and all the supplies, ect. More businesses will be able to save to expand their business. Another beniffet is that there will be more emloyed people that are able to support them self and their famiies.
Costs & Bennifts:
My opions are that it is better if the unemployment rate to be down because that way there is more people that get paied and those people arele to provide for their familie and themselves. Without a job it is hard to get money to pay bills, provide a house for you and your family, save money for your kids to go to college, and be able to have food in your stomach everyday. I rather have families not need help from the state because they cant get a job.
My opions:
Work Citied:
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