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Social Media Networking Sustainability Course for Job-Seekers, People in Transition, and Entrepreneurs - GoToMeeting Webinar

For GoToMeeting Webinar Participants - This is an overview presentation of the Social Media Networking Sustainability Course with a special focus on LinkedIn. For more information, please call Ed Mayuga at (314) 485-9810 or e-mail to ed@ammcommunications

Ed Mayuga

on 28 June 2011

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Transcript of Social Media Networking Sustainability Course for Job-Seekers, People in Transition, and Entrepreneurs - GoToMeeting Webinar

LinkedIn But Lost: Social Media Networking Sustainability Course for Job-Seekers, People in Transition, and Entrepreneurs Presented by Ed Mayuga - Principal Public Relations Consultants of Greater St. Louis Overview of this presentation: The Six Success Factors Model
LinkedIn tips and tricks
How this course will help you with your next step
The Process: Social media, your resume, the wiki
Q&A Life changed for me on December 8, 2006... My RM called me at 8:00 AM and I was stunned
I was really unhappy until my wife Ann Marie took me to lunch and told me this was a gift!
I decided that pharma/biotech was not in my future
The economy was still good, so I had multiple job offers in the same position and field, but I wanted to try something different
But I didn't know where to start! Avoid the Seven Top LinkedIn Mistakes 11 Ways to Use LinkedIn Effectively Let's Look at My Profile:
http://linkedin.com/in/elmayuga 1) Missing Profile Photo 2) Lack of Detailing in Your Profile 3) Ignoring Applications 5) Fail to Join Enough Relevant Groups You can join as many as 50 Groups! 6) Overlooking Answers Once you are part of a Group, engage in
conversation to demonstrate your expertise 4) Not Securing Recommendations You need 3 recommendations to complete your profile 7) Asking Directly by Guy Kawasaki by Sean Nelson 1) Increase your visibility
Add connections
Search results 2) Improve your connectability
Fill out your profile like an executive bio
Include a link as part of your e-mail signature 3) Improve your Google Page Rank
Search engines can "index" your name for first page results
You can customize your URL to be your actual name 4) Enhance your website search engine results
Promote links to your website and to EU
Set your profile setting to "Full View" and include up to 3 links 5) If you are preparing for an interview, you can find out if someone in your network is a current or past employee
Search for the company name and "follow" its updates
Good way to get more balanced data about promotions and other job opportunities within the company 6) Increase the relevancy of your job-search/business development
Faceted search feature can search for people with similar education and work experience like yours
Increases potential for job opportunity leads
Please feel free to send me a LinkedIn invitation! 7) Make your interview go smoother
Find out more about the person(s) you are meeting
Find out about schools, places worked, groups, interests
Demonstrates your ability to use technology 8) Gauge the health of a company
Find recent new hires or departures
Enables you to scrutinize the rate of turnover and whether key people are abandoning ship 9) Build (or actively maintain) a network
You never know when you might need to tap the connections or expertise of your network
When you land, don't neglect your network! 10) Track startups that may be building an executive team
You can see people in your network who are initiating new startups
Perform an advanced search for a range of keywords
Set the 'Sort by' filter to 'Relationship' to see those closest to you 11) Ask for advice
LinkedIn Answers allows you to broadcast your business-related questions to both your network and the greater LinkedIn network
Your name and profile will be associated with your answer, so write carefully Notice the key aspects of my LinkedIn profile... 1) It is set for "Full View" 2) I have clearly-stated my capabilities 3) I have 11 Recommendations 4) I list my website, Facebook Fan page and Twitter accounts 5) My Summary is clearly-written in the first-person 6) I use Applications like Bloglink, Twitter, SlideShare, Box.net 7) My Experience clearly-states my capabilities 8) It doesn't look like a resume because it is so much more! Thank You!
Now it's time for Q&A • LinkedIn has 100+ million professionals worldwide, including all Fortune 500 companies. It is the default social network for business professionals.
• The network allows you to reach beyond the your geographic area/Pfizer and uncover connections through schools, former places of work, organizations etc.
• You can create and receive "warm introductions" to potential contacts, uncovering job opportunities, as you expand your network by forwarding/receiving profiles! For this Overview, let's look at a LinkedIn Profile... BTW - Please join my group "St. Louis Public Relations for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses
http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=3141142 You need to "earn" the right to ask for an introduction, to pass along a resume, or to receive a recommendation. Social media is about communications, not selling! My Dilemma... I was sitting where you are now, in January 2007 at the Right Management offices in St. Louis
Because my career was in pharma, my network consisted of other pharmaceutical people, physicians, and a few close friends
Everyone knows that "It's not necessarily WHAT you know, but WHO you know"!
Social media was still a new idea in 2007
I had to figure out how to power-network quickly or I would starve (figuratively speaking)! If you are wondering how to supercharge your job search, uncover new opportunities, or start your own consulting business, there are 6 success factors you need... Determining Your Brand Building Your
Social Networks A Distinctive LinkedIn Profile Optimizing Your Resume Targeting Your
Company Search Sustaining Your
Social Networks How this course will help you with your next step... In addition to group sustainability training, you will receive personal, customized time with me to work on the 6 success factors
You will have access to the private wiki, where you can view the job resource pages as well as the other participant's pages
We will develop an individual Action Plan for you The Process There will be 3 tracks: Job-Seekers, People in Transition, and Entrepreneurs For Job-Seekers, we will develop an Action Plan that focuses on specific companies and industries For People in Transition, who are uncertain of their next step, we will collaborate and discuss your career objectives and develop a plan For entrepreneurs and consultants, we will develop a plan that focuses on creating your own LLC, starting up the business, etc. I joined a consulting firm conducting high-level search and recruitment for small- to mid-sized companies and not-for-profits
My wife, Ann Marie, and I decided to become entrepreneurs ourselves in 2008 and we co-founded AMM Communications
In addition to public relations, marketing, and business development consulting, we also train entrepreneurs and job-seekers on social media networking strategy What I have done since 2007... a little plug for my business... GoToMeeting Webinar
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