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Asian Holocaust

No description

Anna Rivera

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Asian Holocaust

Asian Holocaust 1937 Japanese took over China, they took over its capital Nanking.
They killed men, women and children.
The women where raped before they killed them.
Children where used as targets.
Men where massacred or killed by experimentation by chinese doctors.
Many people where even buried alive. The Flowers of War The Forgotten Holocaust of World War 2 How did they kill? How did it start? Why did Japanese Killed? They were envious of China's large land and economic status
Wanted take over Asia.
Wanted to make Asia free from European Countries.
Japanese felt they were a superior race. How Many were killed? 20-30 million Chinese
9 million Korean
2 million Philippines
4 million Indonesians
1 million Indians
1 million Malaysians
20,000-80,000 women were Raped. Why don't we know about this events? • Japanese never admitted this to happen U. S covered everything in exchange of data on human experimentation. Till this day Japan won’t admit this accusations and apology’s to China and the other Asian countries.
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