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Christian Music School

No description

Maryorie Sanchez

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Christian Music School

My School By: Maryorie Sanchez textbooks can be found online sight reading helps you learn how to read music so that when you play an instrument, you will learn the notes you need to play for each song. this will help you learn how to play any instrument you want easily and fast. Christian music school Physical Appearance Schedule "Let the Lord guide your heart through music" Learn how to read music Learn about Jesus and how to find him

Bible study It does take a lot of practice and patience to learn how to play notes on the instrument you want. Just trust in the Lord and he will help you get through anything. Learn how to play an instrument(s)
Electric guitar, bass, drums, piano ... ect Things you will learn in this school In order to fulfill your music dream, you have to find him first. Sight reading Music lessons Music theory this will help you understand the importance of music and what you will need to know to better understand music. this will help you connect with God,
teach you what he has done to save you
and how he is there for you through thick and thin Educational; Each day students will have an educational
period that they will go to like Math, Science,
History, Literature, & one free period day. Extra Curricular Band - Students that are interested can get together and practice their instruments to better themselves.

Art - This will help student relax their minds off the hard work and help them express themselves.

Worship - This will help students get into the path of Jesus and help them get motivated to start playing. 1st period- sight reading 8:35-9:35
2nd period- music lesson 9:40-10:40
3rd period- Music Theory 10:45-11:45
4th period- lunch 11:50-12:30
5th period- Bible Study 12:35-1:35
6th period educational 1:40-2:40 (Monday- Math, Tuesday- Science, Wednesday-Literature, Thursday- History, Friday- free period) Check your classes on mobile Building divided up into 3 stories
First story: the first story is where the cafeteria
will be for students to eat their lunch
Second story: the second story will have all the music classes and the worship/bible study hall..
Third story: the third story will have all of the educational classes. He will be the right person to guide you through music.
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