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No description

Levente Liptai

on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of English

First Lesson
In the first lesson we made groups.Every people must found a thing what will the teams wanted to sell.When every person had a thing we choose one of them for the team.Before we make a website to advertising the product, every person wrote his/her own ideas to a paper.Later we choose a right sentences and made it.This was the next footstep.

A marketing man give some marketing tips/practice.

1. Aim
2. Gain Interest- 3 questions or more
3. Features / Advantages
4. Prize+special actions
5. Contact
6. Fun
How can we attract attention
We should ask questions
Shouldn't write too much information and don't will be too long
Don't will be very colorful
Don't use neon colors
Should have some humor,but not too much
Don't use too much word style

After when we finished we had to order from another group stuff,so we wrote a letter about this.We gave letter the once-over together.After that we wrote a complain letter for the advertiser that he/she must keep the promise.
We made advertisement in World/Prezi.

In my opinion this task was really interesting, because we worked together and laughed a lot.

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