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Rel and Sci

Revision G571

Sinead Sweeney

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Rel and Sci

Religion & Science The Bare Bones OCR 571 Language for Learning Science:
Big Bang,Evolution, Natural Selection,
Survival of the Fittest, Naturalism
Darwin. Dawkins, Hawking, Miller Religion:
Creationism, Scripture Alternatives:
Intelligent Design, irreducible Complexity,
Johnson, Behe, Dembski Specification: Science & philosophical views on Creation
Darwinism, Intelligent Design & Irreducible Complexity
Religious Responses CREATION Intelligent Design:
Participation of unevolved intelligence.
Supporters: Johnson, Behe, Dembski, Meyer ID - different from Creationism. Evolution doesn't explain all life...universe shows design implies designer.
If not religious (creationism) can be taught in schools as a scientific theory Irreducible complexity:
Things can't be reduced further and still be functional.
Bacteria Flagellum - Mouse Trap example Theistic Evolution:
God created world, but planned for evolution
Supporters; Polkinghorne, Swinburne, Kauffman
Compatibilty also supported by James & Davies Creationism:
God created world as stated in Genesis
Flat Earth Creationists (literal)
Young World Creationists (Gosse)
Progressive Creationists (God created types of organisms) Hostility between Science and Religion main advocate: Dawkins - nature survives and functions on it's own merit. No need for designer Case on Trial:
Kitmiller V Dover
Tennesse Monkey Trial Revision:
Rule of 5
1. Use your worksheets and have opinions and evidence already prepared!!!
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