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life.in.the.pinkie.finger (:

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of PAKISTAN

National Anthem of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan- Quami Tarana
Current Events (2010-2014)
2010 Apr. Parliament approves package of wide-raning constitutionsl reforms. Measures include transferring key powers from office of presdent to prime minister
2010 Aug. Worst floods in 80 years kill 1600, affect 20 million
2010 Oct. Rise in targeted political killings, bombings in hub of Karachi
2011 Jan. campaign to reform blasphemy law leads to murder of 2 supporters, Punjab Gov. Salman Taseer and Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti
2011 Mar. PMs of India and Pakistan meet at cricket match, seen as opportunity to repair relations
2011 Apr. Founder of Al-Qaeda Osama Bin Laden is killed by U.S. special forces in Abbattabad
2011 Nov. Shuts down Nato supply routes after Nato attack kills 25 Pakistani Soldiers
2011 Dec. Boycotts Bonn Conference on Afghanistan protesting Nato attack on border checkpoint
2012 Jan. Army chief Gen Pervez Kayani warns of "unpredictable consequences" after PM Yousuf Raza Gilani criticize army leaders and sacks top gov. defense official
2012 May U.S. senate panel cuts $33m for Pakistan over imprisonation of Pakistani doctor Shakil Afridi who helped CIA find Bin Laden
2012 Jun. Supreme court disqualifies PM Gilani
2012 Jul. Pakistan re-opens Nato suppl routes after U.S. apologizes for death of Pakistani soldiers
2012 Sept. Muslim Khalid Chisti arrested for suspected terrorism attempts
2012 Oct. Taliban gunmen injure protestor Malala Yousafzai
2012 Nov. Taliban suicide bomber kills 23
2013 Jan. Supreme court arrests PM Ashraf for terrorism (denied)
2013 Feb. Pakistani and Afghani presidents work on peace deal
2013 Feb. Bomb attack kills 89
2013 Mar. Caretaker gov. appointed to oversee parliamentary elections
2013 Apr. arrest of Musharraf for attempt to arrest judges
2013 Jun. Sharif becomes new PM
2013 Jul. Mamnoon Hussain elected president of Pakistan
2013 Sept. Double suicide bombing in Christian church kills 80
Map of Pakistan
Pakistan in Relation to the World
In Pakistan, there is only one official language, Urdu. People also speak English and Hindi, but mostly Urdu. Urdu was formed in the 1600's in Central Asia and was used mainly as a communication tool between Persian, Arab, and Turkish soldiers (from Persian origin). "Urdu" comes from Turkish "camp" or "army". Urdu vocabulary is 70% Farsi, and the rest of the language is mixed Arabic and Turkish. Even though there are the three "mother" languages, Urdu has its own grammar and spelling traits as well as little rules of punctuation. Urdu is spoken only in Pakistan, no other country in the world speaks this language.
Pakistani Population
Pakistan: 179.2 Million
U.S.: 313.9 Million
Bangladesh: 154.7 Million

~Other Facts~
GDP-231.2 Billion (2012)
Life Expectancy- 65.45 years (2011)
Population Growth Rate- 1.7% annual change (2012)

~Top 5 Most Populous Cities in Pakistan~
5) Multan, Punjab- 1,437,230
4) Rāwalpindi, Punjab- 1,743,101
3) Faisalabad, Punjab- 2,506,595
2) Lahore, Punjab- 6,310,888
1) Karachi, Sindh- 11,624,219
Tour of Pakistan
Pakistan is seen as unsafe because of terrorist issues and countless bombings. Aside from the dark side of Pakistan, there are beautiful mountains rising to 7,000 m. high, sandy beaches, and arid deserts. Pakistan is a truly beautiful place with many beautiful sights to see.

Lake Saiful Muluk
Fairy Meadows
Karakoram Highway
Concordia, Karakoram
Sources and Thanks

Special thanks to:
World Bank
Fashion & Clothing Trends
Cloth Wraps (masculine/feminine)
Dresses (feminine)
~Kids and Teen~
Dresses (feminine)
Robes of neutral colors- brown, black, grey or clan colors (masculine)
Junaid shirts (button down light fabric short sleeve shirts)
Wedding Sherwani (tight fitted one-piece suit with buttons and embellishments, usually worn with head turban)
Formal Dresses in vivid colors
Food of Pakistani & Holiday Traditions
Muslims (Islam-religious peoples) are forbidden to eat pork and consume alcohol so they concentrate on other areas (beef, chicken, fish, vegetables). Moghul Empire (from India) began ruling Pakistan in 1526. Their styple of cooking (Mughal) uses ingredients like herbs, spices, almonds, and raisins. Mughal cooking is still important in Pakistani foods; SHAHI TUKRA (dessert made of sliced bread, milk, cream, sugar, and saffron) and chicken tandoori are still eaten today. Chicken tandoori is chicken cooked in large clay ovens called tandoors. Pakistan's 4 provinces have unique cooking styles, all different from one another e.g.:
Sindh- enjoys eating lots of fish (MACHLI) and other seafood
Baluchistan- barbecues whole lamb (SAJJI) in deep pits
Punjab- elaborate cooking preparations, focuses heavily on bread (ROTI)
Pathens- lots of lamb (blandly cooked)
Milk, lentils, seasonal SABZI (vegetables), flour, wheat products, CHAPATIS (flatbread staple used to scoop food instead of utensils), vegetables like ALU (potatoes) GOBHI (cabbage), BHINDI (okra), CHANNA (chickpeas), MATAR (peas), and DHAL (stew made of lentils) are some of the traditional Pakistani foods.
The main difference between public (PH) and national (NH) holidays is that public holidays are established by law and people don't go to work, etc. but national holidays are celebrations of independence, establishment, etc. of the country. The following holidays are in chronological order according to the 2014 calendar year and are both public and national.
The New Year (January 1) PH
Pakistani National Holiday/ Pakistan Day- celebrating the Republic of Pakistan (March 23- 1940) NH
May Day/ Labour Day- observed annually paying tributes to workers' sacrifices in achieving economic and social rights (May 1) PH
Bank Holiday (July 1) NH
Independence Day- for founding of Pakistan, 1947 (August 14) NH
Defence Day- commemorating the Indo-Pak War of 1965 (September 6) NH
Death Anniversary of Quaid-i-Azam, M.A. Jinnah, founder of Pakistan (September 11) NH
Birth Anniversary of Quaid-i-Azam (December 25) NH
Iqbal Day- anniversary of birth of Allama Iqbal (November 9) NH
Bank Holiday (December 31) NH
Pakistani Holidays & Celebrations
Fun Facts
6th most populous country in the world
In the past 5 years, literacy rate grew by 250%, more than an other recorded country
First Islamic country to gain nuclear power
Edhi is running world's largest Ambulance Network
The world's (2) youngest certified Microsoft Experts are from Pakistan
6th largest military force in the world
50% of the world's footballs are made in Pakistan
The highest railway station of Asia is in Pakistan
World's youngest judge (Muhammad Illyas) lives in Pakistan
First PC virus was created by 2 Pakistani brothers
Air Commodore MM ALAM (late) holds world record of shooting down 5 planes in less than a minute)
World's 7th largest pool of scientists and engineers
Pakistan's ski team qualified for 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, with three athletes: Nir Nawaz, Mohammad Karim, and Mohammad Abbas.
Pakistan's Climate & Weather
Dry, hot near coast
Gets cooler near northeastern uplands
Winter season is cold and dry
Hot season starts in March and by the end of June, it can be up to 40C or 120F.
June-Sept. monsoon provides avg. rainfall of 38 cm. or 15 in. and in river basins, up to 150 cm. or 60 in. (in the northern areas)
Flooding and drought are not uncommon
Arid, semiarid climate

Weather for Karachi, Pakistan from Tue. Jan. 21- Tue. Jan. 28, 2014
Jan. 21- Sunny, 51-78F, 0% C.O.R., Winds: N 13 mph
Jan. 22- Sunny, 48-79F, 0% C.O.R., N 12 mph
Jan. 23- Sunny, 48-80F, 0% C.O.R., NNE 7 mph
Jan. 24- Sunny, 49-80F, 0% C.O.R., NE 12 mph
Jan. 25- Mostly Cloudy, 48-80F, 0% C.O.R., ENE 10 mph
Jan. 26- Sunny, 49-81F, 0% C.O.R., NNE 11 mph
Jan. 27- Sunny, 49-82F, 0% C.O.R., NNE 12 mph
Jan. 28- Sunny, 48-83F, 0% C.O.R., NNE 12 mph
Pakistan's Physical Features
Location: South Asia; bordering Arabian Sea surrounded by India (east), Iran, Afghanistan (west), and China (north)
Coordinates: 30 00 N and 70 00 E
Area: 796,095 sq. km.
Land Area: 770,875 sq. mi.
Water Area: 25,220 sq. mi.
Comparative Area: About two California's size
Terrain: Flate Indus plains in east, mountains north and northwest; Baluchistan Plateau in west
Elevation Extremes:Lowest Point- Indian Ocean 0 m. above sea level, Highest Point- K-2 (Mt. Godwin-Austen) 8,611 m. above sea level
Western Pakistan is covered by the Baluchistan Plateau, as well as plains and ridges
Natural water sources (rivers, streams, lakes) are seasonal only
The arid south ends at the rugged Makran coast and rises to the east in a series of rock-strewn ranges, the Karthar, to the north: the Sulaiman, extending to the Indus plains
A (partly moist) plateau surrounds Rawalpindi, bounded south by the salt range
The Punjab plains support 60% of the nation's population
Northern Pakistan is home to forest-clad hills, and lofty peaks including summits higher than 6,700 m. or 22,000 ft. high
K-2 (Godwin Austen), 8,611 m. or 28,250 ft., is the 2nd tallest mountain in the world next to Mt. Everest
Economic Activities and Resources of Pakistan
Pakistan's main economic activities include nomadic herding and mixed farming (both commercial and subsistence). Abundant resources of Pakistan are:
Hydroelectric Power (N and NE)
Coal (N, NW, SW, and S)
Petroleum (N)
Natural Gases (S)
There are also some small amount of commercial fishing, especially on the southern coastlines.
Founded March 23, 1940 by those of Muslim religion
In 1949, Pakistan divided into two wings, East Wing (today's Pakistan) and West Wing (today's Bangladesh)
In 1956, the Pakistani Constitution declares Pakistan an Islamic Republic
In 1998, India declares nuclear device and Pakistan concludes its own nuclear tests. U.S. places sanctions on Pakistan
In 1999, Pervez Musharraff seizes power and is head of Pakistani Military Forces; in 2000, Musharraff declares his own presidency and continues as head of Military Forces
Pakistan has had some trouble with the U.S. and terrorism suspicions. It is unadvisable to go to Pakistan and is considered very unsafe. Members of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda may still be in Pakistan, hiding today. Osama Bin Laden was suspected to be taking shelter in the beautiful mountains of the Middle East before his capture and death sentence in May of 2011
Pakistan's History
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