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The Positive and Negative Effects of Rap Music

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Jaleesa Barnes

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of The Positive and Negative Effects of Rap Music

The Positive and Negative Effects of Rap Music
Positive Effects of Rap
Allows teens to express themselves
Songs have messages that teens can relate to
Draws attention to problems such as; poverty, racism, and economic oppression
Negative Effects of Rap
Promotes Money
Promotes Drug Use
Degrading Lyrics About Sex

Product Process
Product Goal
: To survey fellow peers and get their opinions on rap music and the ways it effects them personally
What I Learned
I learned what rap music meant to my peers
The effects it had on different types of people
What other people’s preference were, if not hip-hop(Country, Classical etc.)
Why people believed Rap music had a negative impact on people rather than a positive one

For my product, I created a website. The purpose of this website was to gather the results from the survey takers and allow them the see the different responses.
Create two separate surveys that would give me an outlook on whether rap music effected the survey takers or not
Went from class to class and picked 3 participants at random
Negatives Continued
According to Journalist Davey D, eighty percent of the rap music that is currently on the top ten lists around the world contains violence.
He also says hip-hop glorifies a woman’s physical appearances which in some cases lead to eating disorders and emotional problems
Rap Songs With Positive Lyrics
Nas: I Know I Can
Common: Come Close
Tupac: Dear Mama

Negative Rap Songs
Biggie Smalls: Who Shot Ya
Tupac: Who Shot Me
Boosie: "F" The Police
Gather the results
Return to the students classrooms the next day, those who were chosen, and ask them to answer the final survey questionnaire (#2)
Carefully read the answers I was given, in order to come up with the information I put into my website

Not knowing which teacher would allow me to randomly survey there students during class
Students who would say “I’ll finish the survey later”
Not having a set “format” when it came to the questions, I had to create them all myself
Not putting too much opinion in the paper

Being that I’m talkative, approaching random students to answer survey questions wasn’t a problem for me
Knowing a lot about the topic at hand myself helped the paper and the product flow better

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