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Kia Soul

No description

weston goggins

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Kia Soul

Team JAAAW Company and Brand
Background Started in Seoul, South Korea
Started off as a bike company
Began manufacturing in the United State in 1992
Hamster Ads The Problem Low awareness
For Males: the style of the car (unattractive, too feminine)
Target market does not have a connection with the brand Advertising Plan Goals:
Increase sales by 10%
Create brand awareness
Target college age students
Make Pat Doyle buy one for his daughter and not buy a VW Strategy Key Insights
Target market is motivated by possessions that make life easier and help them to succeed in school and business. Ultimately, they want to be noticed by others.
In purchasing a car, the target market wants to have a vehicle that allows them to drive in style while still being affordable and safe.
Values of the target market include family, education, friends, popularity, success, and fun. For young adults who want to express their personality, the Kia Soul is an affordable, safe vehicle with customizable features. Creative Plan The KIA Soul is an extension of your soul
Not just driving a car, but driving something that reflects you
Bright colors, stylish models, and unique looking cars
Its about driving in Style! IMC Media Plan Facebook, Pandora, ESPN.com MTV, ESPN, FOX, TNT, Comedy Central College Campus Soul-off Dances on campuses around the nation
KIA Soul used as speakers, souped up
Winner receives KIA Soul
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