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Cell Transport

No description

Tim Goodwin

on 24 January 2012

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Transcript of Cell Transport

Transport of Molecules in Cells
Putting it all together
Thank you for your attention!
Living things use these processes to control all the chemicals inside its cells and within its body
The cell uses something called a sodium-potassium pump to regulate the amount of salts within itself
It takes energy to move things in and out of the cell against the concentration gradient from low to high concentration or things that are simply too big to fit through the protein channels
Some molecules like water fit easily through the openings in the cell membrane. They simply flow in and out, always moving from the side where there are more to the side where there are less of them, or down the concentration gradient from high concentration to low concentration
Sodium Potassium Pump
Active Transport
Passive Transport
The cell is sourrounded by
a cell (plasma) membrane which is selectively permeable
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