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No description

Asma Al Hamed

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Friendtech

Diagnosis Criteria
2 years of arranged marriage
she works
she is 20 years old
this is her 4th session
Session 4
It is a newly discovered psychological disorder, more common in developed countries due to ease of access to internet and availability of technological devices.

The 12 month prevalence estimated of Frientec is 3% in UAE
Development and course
Develops over teenage hood
Technological era (environmental)
Continuous failure to connect to others
Disturbance of proper social communication
Persistent isolation for at least 3 months
Difficulty in proper sleep over 1 month
Obsessive attachment to devices
Done by:
Asma Gaith
Asma Al Hamed
Bodoor Khalid

- Discovered 2016

Diagnostic issues
Higher risk on females

frequent use of technology
Differential Diagnosis
Social anxiety disorder
Generalized anxiety disorder
Generalized anxiety disorder
Separation anxiety disorder
Frientec - Discovered 2016
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