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Health Body Poster

No description

Riley LinDell

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Health Body Poster

Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System Digestive System Reproductive System Nervous System THE NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF SMOKING ON THE BODY http://www.ehealthmd.com/library/smoking/SMO_affects.html http://www.quitsmoking.com/kopykit/reports/body.htm Smoking is a leading factor of heart disease. Nicotine raises your blood pressure
and causes your blood to clot more easily. Carbon monoxide leads to the development of cholesterol deposits on the walls of your arteries. In addition, carbon monoxide robs your blood of oxygen, making your muscles, brain, and heart work harder. When you take a puff on a cigarette, smoke passes through the bronchi. Chemicals such as hydrogen cyanide (a very poisonous gas used in rat poison) inflame the bronchi. Also, the way your lungs secrete mucus gets screwed up. This causes the wracking cough attributed to smokers. Smokers are more likely to get bronchial infections and are 10 times more likely to get lung cancer than nonsmokers. Tars in cigarette smoke can trigger cancer in the throat and esophagus. Smoking also causes ulcers and heartburn due to increased stomach acid production. The potential for deadly pancreatic cancer is greatly increased in smokers. Smoking causes blood to clot easier, removes oxygen from your blood, and narrows your blood vessels. This could mean a stroke if things go wrong in your brain. Skeletal System The rate of osteoperosis is accelerated in smokers. Mouth cancer is a risk of tobacco use. Tobacco smoke can also cause tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. Your teeth may become nasty and yellow. Smokers might get a lot of headaches. Your face will get wrinklier earlier. On average, smokers look 5 years older than non-smokers of the same age. Healthy Lung Smoker's Lung Smoking brings menopause in women about 5 years early. Fertility in men and women is impaired. Pregnant smokers have a higher risk of miscarriage, premature birth, and the death of their baby. Other side-effects of smoking while pregnant for the baby include a lower birth weight, lower IQ, and increased chance of hyperactivity and behavioral problems. A lot of the crap you take in through cigarette smoke goes out through your urine. This can cause bladder cancer, which is often fatal. You can also damage your kidneys from smoking with the high blood pressure smoking causes. Urinary System Endocrine System SOURCES Riley LinDell - Hanson's 6th hour Health Class Click twice more for a Twilight surprise! One more time! Mr. Bean makes EVERYTHING better!
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