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Creating a Mandala

This presentation will introduce you to mandalas, and show you some simple methods on how you can make one yourself. Enjoy!

Linda Zhao

on 24 January 2015

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Transcript of Creating a Mandala

What are Mandalas?
Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning "circle". It is a symbol of significance in Hinduism and Buddhism. Today I will be teaching you how to create a Mandala. A basic Mandala is just a circle with symmetrical designs in it. The more complicated ones can be anything from squares, to stars, or even like the things in the background, snowflakes.
Well, actually, there is more than one way to create a Mandala, so depending on how you want to do it, you're going to need different materials. But here are the basics:

Step 1:
Take a compass and draw a large circle. Make sure the dot in the middle is visible.
Step 2:
Using your protractor, mark different angles. You can do 45 degrees, 30 degrees, and some other ones.
Step 3:
Use your ruler to connect all the marks you made, creating triangular segments.
Step 4:
Start drawing a design in ONE segment. Make sure some of your designs are touching the edges.
Step 5:
Taking your tracing paper, trace the outline of the triangle, and your design inside.
Step 6:
Flip the tracing paper over, line the outline up, and go over the lines with a pencil.
Step 7:
Repeat step 6 until you have finished the entire circle. Remove the tracing paper, and go over all of your lines with a fine point marker or fine liner.
Step 8
: Colour!

Tracing Paper Method
Step 1:
Start in the center of the paper, with a small and simple shape. You can do a dot, circle, square, or any other shape that you can think of.
Step 2:
Think of another small design, like a curved line, or a swirl. Repeat that design around your first shape, evenly spacing all of them.
Step 3:
Continue picking and choosing shapes/designs and repeating them the same amount of times around your growing Mandala.
Step 4:
Once you feel that your Mandala is big enough, you can colour, and then you're done!
Growing Method
I'm pretty sure the video covered most of the things you need to know... but here are some more.

When you are growing your Mandala, be patient, it wont just come out of nowhere. Start with simple shapes, like lines. Remember, just like a Zentangle, drawing these should relax the mind.
Your Mandala doesn't have to be perfect! It's okay if you make a mistake somewhere, you can just repeat it on everything else, and it'll look like you purposely put it there!
Growing Method- Tips
Now it's up to you to pick which way you want to create you Mandala. Here are some tips for when you are choosing your Mandala:

If you want to make a very detailed Mandala, I suggest you use the tracing paper method so all of your details end up exactly where you want them, meaning that the tracing paper method is probably more accurate as far as symmetry goes.

If you think you have good control and want to do it freehand, go for the growing method. That way you can start with pen right away.
You Pick!
Creating a Mandala
fine liner
and last but not least, your creativity
Tracing Paper Method- Tips
If you're having trouble keeping the tracing paper in place, try putting very small pieces of tape on either end of the piece of tracing paper and sticking it to the paper.
If you have a sketch pencil, you can use that instead of a regular pencil so your tracings will be easier to see.
You don't always have to trace your design over and over again, once you get to the very end, you can also use the rubbing technique where you line your tracing paper up with the outline, and using a ruler, rub the tracing paper, which will transfer your design.

And that's it! You have now mastered how to make a Mandala using the tracing paper method.
Oh wait, one more thing, you can always Zentangle inside your Mandalas if you want to!
Now, get ready to create your own Mandalas!
And remember...


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