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Purpose & Suitability of a Digital Still Camera

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on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of Purpose & Suitability of a Digital Still Camera

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Purpose -
The purpose of a digital still camera is to store pictures and video in electric format, as apposed to film. This makes it a lot more accessible and easy to store for the photographer as they can print off or share as many copies of the pictures as they like.

Suitability -
Because taking and storing photos has been made an easier task for camera users over the years, digital still cameras have become more widely accepted and suited to people with different needs and wants over the world. There are hundreds of variations of the size of camera, the lens, memory, shutter speeds and loads more, to suit all types of users that may want to purchase a digital still camera.
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What is a Digital Still Camera?
Digital still cameras store photographs as digital bits on a memory card or tiny hard drive, as opposed to the film used in traditional cameras.

Rather than developing and printing film, digital images can be downloaded easily to a computer. A photographer also, can instantly review shots on an LCD monitor built into the digital camera. The memory cards, depending on their size can hold a large amount of images. After downloading the images to a computer, the flash cards can be erased for reuse.
Digital Still Camera
Purpose & Suitability of a Digital Still Camera

What is the purpose & suitability of a Digital Still Camera?
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