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Copy of Close Reading and the ESL Student

Is close reading an effective tool for English Language Learners

Kevin Hodgson

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Close Reading and the ESL Student

Gaylen Kapperman and Jodi Sticken
Grappling aka "The Struggle"

We decided to change our approach and provide different activities that would activate students’
background knowledge
. For example, students were exposed to a gallery walk in which they were able to apply character traits of famous people that they were familiar with.
To our surprise, ELL students with high Lexiles
were still struggling with the text even though
they were able to use skills that are promoted
in close reading.
Assistive Technology
Chapter 14
Katie, Drew, & Michelle
The End!
Now more than ever English language learners face a tremendous challenge to compete in this “new testing era”. ESL students will have to take standardized testing and they will be compared to students that speak English as a first language. Therefore, in this inquiry we tried to develop skills that ESL students will use across the content areas.

English Language Learners
What is Close Reading?
It’s a careful and purposeful rereading of a text. It’s an encounter with the text where students really focus on what the author had to say, what the author’s purpose was, what the words mean, and what the structure of the text tells us.
(Fisher 2015)
1st= Students were provided with various articles with a (1200) Lexile

2nd=Students were encouraged to apply close reading strategies.
Gallery Walk
What strategies/activities are useful for ESL students to use along with annotation?
context clues
find the GIST
ask questions
react to what is being read
Role of the Teacher?
March-April 2015
These strategies allows ESL students to interact with the text and it assist teachers with assessing comprehension by reading the notes and the comments they write.
Students were exposed to text that required them to investigate in order to build deep comprehension.
Student SUCCESS!
Close Reading

Background building activities
1. language level

Moving Forward!!
Is Close Reading An Effective Tool For English Language Learners?
Yanira Rivera
Alva Laster

Through our inquiry, we realized the importance of the development of background knowledge to negotiate meaning of a text. While close reading is an excellent tool, it should not be used in isolation. Close reading should be accompanied with other strategies that will facilitate access to the text.

What did our research show?
Outcome ????
Word Game
How do these activities facilitate the close reading process?
"But in dispelling such anecdotal
irrelevancies, ‘close reading’ also
held at bay a good deal else: it
encouraged the illusion that any piece
of language, ‘literary’ or not, can be
adequately studied or even
understood in isolation".
-Terry Eagleton,
Literary Theory: An Introduction

An ELL student cannot grapple a text if he does not have schema about the concept being discussed unless...
4. Engagement
5. Cultural relevance
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