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Shockwave FIRST Robotics Business Roundtable

No description

Brette Bliss

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Shockwave FIRST Robotics Business Roundtable

Shockwave FIRST Robotics Business Roundtable
What is FIRST? and WHY
FIRST means: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.

every year, Glencoe hosts a business roundtable for business teams and mentor throughout the Portland area to attend. It's a business informative on the chairman's award, public relations, and fund raising.

I chose to go because I am the business manager of Scappoose Tribal Tech and The team business plan is my senior project.
3 different rooms
2 one hour sessions with break periods
3 workshops lead by mentors or spokespersons.
Socializing and networking options
Each session has a leader who shares their prepared information, answers questions and leads group discussion.

The Leader asks the attendees questions periodically and leads activities for brainstorming and the robotics season planning.
Leader's job is to help the group understand.
Questions are are encouraged, and the speakers were very comfortable answering them.

Everyone who had questions asked them, and everyone listened intently and were engaged in the presentations.
The atmosphere was very relaxed and informal. The roundtable was not just a business workshop, but it was a networking event for teams. Everyone was very open and comfortable.
Everyone who was there wanted to be there.
And there's nothing here, I just couldn't get rid of the slide because it came on the base design.
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