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1.6 Unit 4: Fitness Training and Programming- Speed for specific sport and strength training

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Ryan Farrow

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of 1.6 Unit 4: Fitness Training and Programming- Speed for specific sport and strength training

Fitness Training and Programming
Speed for specific sport and weight training
Checking for learning
A method of training that seeks to enhance the explosive reaction of the individual through powerful muscular contractions because of rapid eccentric contractions.
Sport specific speed training
Speed Training must be broken down into several different components, trained individually and then put back together to improve the person’s speed.
Weight training
PUMPING IRON documentary
Hannah Cockcroft
Disability in sport
How would you coach an participant who suffers from a disability?
Who is she?

Gold medalist
Won 2 golds at LDN 2012 in 100 & 200m sprints

She is currently studying a L2 Sport course

Circuit training or
Stand up for
sit down for
Circuit training is an efficient way to condition the whole body
This type of contraction means the muscle gets longer.
These different components are:
• Technique
• Reaction time
• Acceleration
• Sprinting speed

To make speed training sport specific, you need to add in the sport specific skill or implement which makes the speed training more relevant to the training you are doing.
Activity 1
Activity 2.

Using the handout can you relate each speed specific component of training with a sport of your choice .
Learning outcomes
1. To be able to explain the term speed training for specific sports
2. To understand strength training
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