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Mimox Intro

Here's how the IT hunters work.

Csudinka Csudutov

on 1 December 2017

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Transcript of Mimox Intro

Our way of doing it
Online Prezi for each candidate? We can do that if you really want it...
Any way, we're here since 1999 (we saw the dotcom
crisis with our own eyes...)
So we're not really old fashioned, but
we are still prezi-enting our
CANDIDATES personally.
Mimox Since 1999
Determination - be the best at IT recruitment. We had a very clear vision: to be no. 1. That means, the brand MIMOX means THE solution to find information technology human resources and to the "IT Crowd" it is THE career service.
Do what we say, say what we do - and we can still say no. If we say yes, that means you can bet on it. And will win.
Drama - Yes, we had dramas. Erm... ? (This questionmark here looks like a hebrew character, btw.)
We are not a CV sending service.
We are not sending just about anyone.
We actually understand the three letter abbreviations in JD's like GWT, AWS, Xcode, F# and D language. (If we don't we'll ask.)
In fact, we will PREZIENT 3 people per position max. Saves a lot of time.
What do we do?
1. Find
2. Scrutinize & strip
3. Deconstruct
4. Rebuild
5. Help Negotiate
6. Be your alibi
7. Install
8. Guarantee
9. Safeguard
10. Track further
11. Learn from mistakes
12. Repeat until...
Our database contains
17K + interviewed candidates
out of which 95% is an IT pro
We have teamed up
with Hungary's best agencies
so that we have access to the
overwhelming majority of everyone
out there in THIS country
Background check
Salary and income info gathering
Skills check & tests
Previous projects cross-check
Motivation analysis
Career path matching
Future potential prophecy (free service)
You don't need to contract many agencies.
We're already connected to them,
so if you work with us, you work with them, too!
Management ambitions?
Team spirit?
Future CEO?
Guru in the corner?
Cheap, loyal, useful dog?
The Current Team
We're from Hungary
3 months total replacement
guarantee in case employment
of the candidate terminates
for ANY reason.
Hi, hey, we are offering our

<a href="http://www.mimox.com">Mimox Site</a>
Dear Prezi! Where is the insert link function?
We have so far helped build up
numerous startups and currently
as an OUTSOURCE partner for
several WEB BASED companies.
motivation schemes
performance appraisals
team building ideas and events
interviewing technique trainings
leadership training
organization structure redesign
employer branding
Wir sprechen web,
commit, like, twit, git
We've always been working with super small, but growing
high-tech companies, such as Linguamatics, Doctusoft, RealEyes, PoweredNow, Liligo, Virgo, Yusp, ProSharp, CourtPro, Commsignia... Some make it, some not and some get really big, like LogMeIn or Prezi.
Candidates actually don't hate us - which is nice, considering that we're a recruitment agency
They in fact come back for advice
Morgan Stanley had to modify their corporate world-wide recruitment contract so that they can contract us. (We were so small, that Purchasing couldn't see us without a magnifier glass.)
We solved Disney's HR problems so well that they forgot to hire an HR manager for 4 years. (Then, we told them.)
A programmer guy decided to write an algorithm that identifies and alerts if a Mimox ad appears in the forums, as we have such a distinct voice online.
We have actually already completed our very first mission (statement) so in fact we can just go home.
After thousands of interviews we still enjoy it...:))) (And that's why we won't go home yet.) (We're looking for a new mission statement.)
Our biggest achievements so far
tack så mycket!
But we have dreams to rule the world.
And our corporate song is...
Except of course for international
placements, unless the client is willing
to have us as guests, preferably in a
beautiful hotel, with wellness facilities, please.
So in fact, more and more interviews
are done through Skype, but we're there with
our candidates.
About us:
We like travelling, but try to limit air travel due to global warming. We're still looking forward to a Scandinavian company bike tour. We have already accomplished the Danish part. Please be our client, and support our efforts to see the rest of Scandinavia. (But please remember that beer is very expensive there.)

We are recycling as much as we can, and basically run a paperless office, except for things we need to keep to please the Hungarian Tax Office. They are not exactly easy to please. We try hard. All our deeds are completely white as virgin snow.

We are also against corruption of any kind. Although, we, too, have weak points, e.g. Taekwondo, Tolkien, bass guitars, Japanese things, Czech beer, waterpolo, Italian and Hungarian cuisine, metal music, horses, football, diet recipes, flower bulbs, D&B, tickets to the Sziget Festival (www.sziget.hu), tai-chi, sushi or Argentinian steaks. And lots of coffee.
About us, too
Csudi doesn't drink beer, but can offer training in drinking vodka. Andi drinks any amount of coffee or any kind, but if you buy a coffee for Adam... make sure an Italian professional barista approved the thing.

Mimox employees have all together 5 kids, ex-Mimox employees have plus 12. We're a family friendly company.

2 ex-Mimox employees have award-winning cuisine and gastro-blogs. Yeah, we like cooking and if you join us as a recruiter, maybe you will jump into it, too. (After you left.)

Mimox page had 77 likes on Facebook 24 hours after opening. OK, it still doesn't have as many as Justin Bieber. Please support us in running a Facebook ad, so that we have more likes :)) It's here:
(If you haven't recognized the flag for some reason.)
(No, actually not. Tyrants are boring.)
As per our corporate song of course.
(It's boring to list the corporate giants.)
(This is in Swedish, and it means thank you.)
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