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Proffessionalism on Work Place

No description

Karla Lawrence

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Proffessionalism on Work Place

Professionalism in the Work Place
* Everything started in May the 7th, which it is a Saturday at McDonalds at 8a.m.
* The location of McDonalds was in 1080 Sunland Park
* My observations of the place where wonderful even though it had some flaws in certain areas

1. You are greeted withing three minutes of entering the place of Business? 4
2. Employees are dressed appropriately for the place of business?
3. Employees interact professionally with each other?
4. Employees are on task and helping customers?

9. Employees interact with customers professionally.
10. Company/business appears to be reputable.

5. Place of business is clean and well maintained?
6. Manager is easily accessible?
7. You feel respected and valued as a customer?
8. Company/business values, mission, or customer policy is posted/visible to everyone.

Improvements for their Professionalism
* The employees should not have conversations when the customer is there.

* They should not be playing around during being in work.

* Be more enthusiastic into speaking to the customer
Company's Professionalism
* They were all dressed professional for their job

* They speak to the customers with respect

* They were in task
My Observations
By: Eileen Renteria
New Vocabulary added
Obstructions to professionalism
* Personal problems
* Rumors
* Personal phone calls
* Business
* Office politics
Professional Attributes
* Time management
* Prioritizing,
* Setting goals
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