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EU Financial Instruments

No description

Art Vandelay

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of EU Financial Instruments

EU Financial Instruments

2014 - 2020

- Loan and risk sharing - DEBT PLATFORM

- Equity and quasi equity - EQUITY PLATFORM
EU Policies with Financial Instruments
Central management
Shared management
Cohesion Policy &
Rural Development

Research & Development,

Competitivenes, SMEs
Culture, Education and Youth
Social Rights

Horizon 2020
Connecting Europe Facility - CEF
Creative Europe
Erasmus +
Social Change and Innovation
EU Commission
Entrusted Entity
Financial Intermediaries
Entrusted Entity
Financial Intermediaries
Final Beneficiaries
Final Beneficiaries
Central management
Debt Instruments
Equity Instruments
Equity Facility for R&I
Start-up window:
seed & early stage venture capital funds, cross-border seed funds, business angel co-investment funds.
Growth window:
fund-of-funds operating across borders and investing in VC funds with R&I focus.
SMEs and small Mid-Caps Guarantee Facility:
guarantee and counter-guarantee covering portfolios of loans over EUR 150.000 for R&I activities.
Industrial Leadership
Loans and Guarantees Service for R&I:
support (direct or indirect) for debt financing of R&I activities (projects) of larger firms, research bodies, universities, etc.
Risk Sharing Instrument
Risk Sharing Finance Facility
Thank you very much for your kind attention!

Csaba Harsányi
MFB Hungarian Development Bank
Brussels Representative Office

Debt Instrument
Loan Guarantee Facility:

- guarantees and counter-guarantees for (all types of) SMEs and
- securitization of loan portfolios

up to EUR 150.000
Equity Instrument
Equity Facility for Growth:

commercially oriented venture capital financing for SMEs with expanion / growth potential, through funds
Debt Instruments

Equity Instruments
PBI, Project Bond Initiative:
improve rating of project companies issuing bonds
Risk Sharing for Loans and Guarantees:
Joint-Investment into equity funds:
EEEF, Marguerite Fund
Co-investment into projects (project companies)
Transport, Energy, ICT sectors
guarantee and counter guarantee for infrastructure development loans
for very large equity tickets
Creative and Cultural Sector Guarantee Facility:
guarantee and counter guarantee for loans supporting SMEs in the sector
Erasmus Master Loan Guarantee Facility:
guarantee and counter guarantee for students studying abroad - Master level
EPMF - European Progress Microfinance Facility:
Refinancing and guarantee for micro-loan programs
(max. EUR 25.000)
European Structural and Investment Funds
- Central Instruments
- Taylor Made Instruments
- Off-the-shelf Instruments
Risk-sharing Loan:
co-finance a portfolio of newly originated loans
Capped Guarantee:
risk coverage for a portfolio of new loans for SMEs
Co-investment Facility:
co-invest in the equity of SMEs with the financial intermediary and with private partners
Renovation Loan:
re-financing and risk-sharing loan for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the residential building sector
The Member State's Managing Authority's Decisions
Do I want to use financial instruments?
Ex-ante assessment
How do I implement?
Only grant financing
Entrust the EIB/EIF
Create an SPV
Mandate and existing national institution
Do it myself
Joint EU-EIB SME Initiative
- Joint SME Guarantee and Securitisation for new loan portfolios
- Joint SME Guarantee and Securitisation for new and existing portfolios
- Risk Pooling
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