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job interview

No description

rawan hm

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of job interview

job interview
making the most of the interview

type of interviews
send a thank you note and leave the company with a positive view
interview is a type of meeting with an objective
telephonic interview

practice typical and targeted interview questions with your self or with your friend.

prepare everything that you need .
4- writing CV
how do we prepare for an interview ?

1- research about company
during the interview

1- stay calm
2-watch the body language
3-get a good impression
4-how to answer the question ?
Situations that we face during the interview
1- dealing with nerves
How do you make the interview key to success
Group interviews
face to face
1- tell me about your self ?
2- what is your greatest strength ?
3- what is your greatest weakness?
4-why did you leave ( or why are you leaving ) your job ?
5- why should we hair you ?
6- how do you deal with stress ?
personal interviews are selective to get rid of applications with low qualifications so that only a small number of interviews own personal remains.

may be contacted without warning or turn a phone.

your goal in this case to get an invitation to a personal interview a face to face

here are some guidelines for personal interview over the phone:
expect dialogue
keep your data in the nearby
such as ( CV. , feedback on the company ...)
tried to get an interview face to face
Is meeting and talking with another person directly .

the face to face interview also called an in Pearson interview.
is probably the most popular and oldest from of data collection.
it can mean that a group of candidates are interviewed at the same time by a hiring manger
what is the interview ?
A summary of a job applicant's professional experience and educational background, along with other relevant information regarding the candidate's qualifications
Firstly some Do’s and Don’ts
Do use a title heading and then display the information below it

Do keep the most important information on the first page – (e.g) Education, Work Experience, Contact information

Do display skills and attributes to show that you will fit in with the company ethos

Do not write "curriculum vitae " at the top

Do not send your cv as word doc , send it as PDF

Do not lie on your CV!

Do not fill your CV up with unnecessary information. (e.g.) Height, Weight, Place of Birth

what to include ?
- personal data : name& contact
-Hobbies& interest
-professional membership
The most often asked question in interviews.
For this question don't talk about personal life or a whole story of your life , but talk about past work experience .

Talk about Your ability to work under pressure , Your problem-solving skills and Your positive attitude.

whatever your answer don't say I don't have a weakness, because no one is perfect.
Ex :at the beginning of my career, i was facing difficulty in identifying priorities and time management, but I was able to overcome them by using computer programs...
stay positive , Never refer to a major problem with management
Keep smiling and talk about leaving for a positive reason
Ex : opportunity, a chance to do something special or other forward-looking
Point out how your assets (strength) meet what the organization needs. Do not mention any other candidate to make a comparison.
: I'm like anyone else feel the pressure and tension sometimes but I don't let this affect my performance of my work, I try to deal with the challenges in the best possible way

- Go ahead quarter of an hour or ten minutes at least

- Be familiar with the qualities required for this

- Select the points you want to inquire about.

- The choice of words and words accurately.

- Select your appointments so as not to conflict with the date of the interview.

- Avoid physical movements negative arm bend and put them intertwined.

- The use of voice tone balanced so as not to be high or low does not hesitate to speak.

- Avoid talking about the salary before mot Director and prefers not to identify a particular salary

business group
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