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Causes Of Low Literacy Rate In Pakistan

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Danial Naeem

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Causes Of Low Literacy Rate In Pakistan

Questions? Findings & Conclusion Recommendations Thank You Data Collection & Sampling
Lack of Quality &
Awareness: "Economic & social issues
are the core reasons for low literacy in Pakistan"
Population Growth: Major Reasons: Gender Inequality: Economic Causes: "One who can read a newspaper and
write a simple letter, in any language"
Total 57%
Male 69%
Female 45%
Rural 48%
Urban 74%
Economic Causes
Gender Inequality
Population Growth
Lack of Quality & Awareness 38% people are living beneath the
poverty line
Lack of resources
Low household income
Child labor Large proportion of female
Social Norms
Religious Beliefs 6th most populous contry in the World
Highest population growth rate in Asia
Restriction in literacy planning High dropout rate
Political involvement
Lack of facilities Unable to continue their studies
due to some odd reasons
Didn't get a chance to go to school
Left studies after matriculation or
General public through social network
sites (facebook, twitter & hi5)
GCU students through Questionnaire There is a need of massive state sponsered
effort to eliminate illeteracy from the country
Poverty, gender discrimination & mismanagement were the most important reasons
Population growth is a low related reason Government should launch heavy finance schemes
for the eduaction sector
State supported social awareness compaign
The schools should be restructured as far as the
facilities & teacher training is concerned Prepared By:
Danial Naeem (790-BH-Phy-11)
Haris Saleem (774-BH-Chem-11) In your opinion what is the most important hurdle in the improvement of literacy rate?

If financial aid is provided, then student enrollment will increase at primary level. If schools are made available at feasible locations this will increase student enrollment.

Inadequate facilities at school are the major reason for dropout rate of students. Do you agree? Teachers are not being properly trained by Govt., which leads to lack of quality? Importance of education needs to be explained to majority of population. Do you agree? Causes of Low Literacy Rate in Pakistan
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