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ONCALL [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of ONCALL [Shared]

Developing a Marketing Plan
My Approach
The NDIS provides large scale opportunity for ONCALL to further grow their business, yet will attract new competition to the sector.
A well considered strategic marketing approach is needed, however with the looming deadline for the NDIS rollout,
some quick actions to amplify ONCALL’s service offering to as wide (and varied) an audience possible, is essential.
Steps I would take:
1. Fast-track industry and business knowledge base
industry and business knowledge base
Familiarise self with strategic plan and priorities, vision and values, relevant legislation
Meet with key (internal) stakeholders for background (and KPI reporting)
Discuss past marketing and IT wins/challenges with operational staff, brainstorm future ideals
Devour as many resources as possible eg Market Position statement, DHHS, NDIA websites; check tender portals to review upcoming opportunities
Research CSO’s, registered service providers (leverage existing, establish new), influencers, disability advocates and industry ‘experts’ ie consultants (eg HISA CEO, Deloitte relationships) to build industry expertise
Monitor industry leaders in different sectors offering similar services to see what they do well (ie Temp recruitment agencies in other service sectors, such as hospitality – eg Pinnacle People, SAGE training)
2. Ascertain the ‘current situation’
‘current situation’
Ascertain the
(economy, legal, social, political, technological)
Market (competition – their strengths, weaknesses, points of difference), key players, segmentation, size, trends).
Customer analysis – who are currently our raving fans , who do we want to add as our raving fans (esp the Providers). What are the consumers needs, dreams, desires, loyalty, knowledge, habits – what do they watch/listen to/online preferences.
Internal - review the existing marketing activities, branding, positioning, channels and collateral (including website)
and perform a
gap analysis
. Consider the resources, technology, team, skills, budgets, timeframes).
In consideration of the above, document the ....
Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
For example:

Strengths –
OCP IT System

Weaknesses –
Brand awareness - narrow reach

Opportunities –
The NDIS disruption

Threats –
Barriers to entry low (perception) during disruption
3. Based on the Business Strategy, identify key
areas of focus, effort, resource and timeframes
and develop the overarching services marketing
objective statement.
4. Then a robust services marketing plan can be
drafted specific to each segment
ie Government, Registered service providers/CSO’s, Disability Advocates, Private Individual Clients, Workforce and Referrers
Client type
eg Carer, Care recipient, workforce

eg casual workforce, LifeChoices supports, Accommodation (Lifestyles) etc,

eg North Eastern Melbourne region

Only then, can the fundamentals of the services marketing plan be determined, including the

promotional activities to amplify ONCALL’s service offering (balance of outbound and inbound), people, processes, physical evidence, pricing, placement and opportunities for differentiation
These elements combined lead towards the Implementation or

Action Plan
Marketing and Communications Strategy
‘Take a Break’ Campaign
Target Audiences
Evaluation Method
The introduction of the NDIS offers a rapid and drastic increase in market need for the delivery of timely, quality and appropriate services as chosen by individual Participants in the scheme.
It will comprise a ‘pop up’ space in relevant shopping centres which will serve as an Information Centre in relation to the NDIS. Staff will be on hand to educate consumers about the impact of the NDIS, ie the how, what, where, when and why.
As part of ONCALL’s overall strategic marketing plan, a campaign titled ‘Take a Break’ has been developed. This is a B2C campaign activity, specifically targeting NDIS Participants.
Special guest ambassador/s
will be present and ‘traffic’ will
be lured to the zone by roving personnel suggesting they ‘take a break and (learn how the NDIS can) change their life’. Interested persons can then register their interest for a more indepth ‘Information Session’ either in person or via webinar.
Establish ONCALL’s credentials as a leading provider of services in the disability sector which will underpin revenue and corporate growth targets.
Business Objectives
The overarching purpose of this campaign is to be THE source of information to demonstrate how the NDIS can change an ‘individual’s’ life.
Marketing Objectives
To demonstrate ONCALL as trusted industry experts through assisting consumers understand how the NDIS can help them change their life. (ie educate the consumer)
To raise the profile of ONCALL and showcase the various services available for NDIS participants
Increase brand awareness for individuals involved in the disability sector (eg Planners, Referrers, Workforce etc)
NDIS Information Sessions,
NDIS Information Session webinar/s
Links to Other
‘Moving’ sign boards with giveaway (ie A KitKat on branded voucher for a cuppa (which is ‘redeemed’ at Pop Up shop)
Website (homepage) banner and campaign specific landing page
Media advertising (radio and/or print), eg The Weekly Review, Seniors Weekly
Shopping centre magazine feature
Marketing Elements
Social media campaign
Ambassador meet & greet
Blog articles
Position papers
Third party sites: eg Disability Loop
Barista/caterers to serve #cuppa
Pop Up signage, furnishings, banners
Marketing Elements
Handout – ‘NDIS Planning guide’
OnCall Brochures
KitKat voucher
The Primary audience for this Campaign are Care Recipients and Carers.
External Primary
A secondary audience are the individuals involved in the Disability sector, including workforce, Planners, referrers, Executives of registered providers.
External Secondary
New enquiry generated and conversion of new enquiry into business
Unique hits on website
Trending on social media sites (mentions, retweets, shares, likes, Pins)
Interest/participation at Information Sessions event and/or Webinar
New enquiry
Media hits
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