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Childhood Representatives

No description

Antony Zuccon

on 4 August 2013

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Transcript of Childhood Representatives

Contemporary/Historical and
Social/Cultural childhood representatives
By Antony Zuccon
Play Time
Contemporary- On sunny days, or holidays we see most of the children cooped up inside playing X-box or Wii and yelling at the screen/sleeping in till after lunch where they then complain there's nothing to do.
On the other side, parents are seeming to control every aspect of a child's life, right from the get go they have to; dress, eat, groom, school, then afternoon activities. Usually comprising of; planned activities most of which are indoors in a hygienically clean atmosphere.

It seems that only a vast amount of kids have this gift to use their imagination in the world most lose this wonderful gift before highschool, becoming what the world wants them to become and forgetting what they were born to become, superheroes, nurses, doctors, firefights etc. Destroyed by technology, eating habits, education; being a lack of self-thinking, and lack of brain food as well as contemporary education has seen some teachers doing the thinking for the children.
Contemporary- Ipads, mp3 players capable of Gigabytes of music that can last for days- their own mobile phones as well as far more unrated information available for them to access on the internet... Downloading TV shows/music/movies, Access to Porn- on their own computers even their mobiles the parents can't see what they're watching.
Contemporary- Trying to revive the best way kids learn these days with state of the art computer programs in the "best" schools and basics at the other schools, some schools now have a mass of cultures and society in them.

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Social- Loved it, time to go outside with the rest of the neighbourhood and play street football, or hockey. In the hotter days you would see children enjoying the local parks and swimming holes, and for some lucky children they would make their own fun in the woods. They would also enjoy fun games such as; British Bulldog, Capture the Flag, Huntsman and more physical contact games.
The child's imagination was Vast and enourmous in ways noone could ever think possible. Children could be in their mums car waiting for her to put the shopping in, and be in a rocket to the moon with Neil Armstrong and back before she'd finish loading the car. Some of those imaginative stories have also created successful published storylines, some of which have been turned into movies.

In Medievil times how best to torture a prisinor was best based on how well you could image. Where some tortureres started the use of thumb screws and bamboo shoots under the nails to name some.

Cultural- Some countries are still the rest of the western world, which I find in a way a good thing but, also a bad thing. Some eastern countries have their own form of ancient technology that is far superior than our own western ways.
In Saying that, some countries prefer to stay behind the world to help cultivate and preserve the polution of the current world. Such as making wine with hands and feet opposed to using big vats in warehouses to do it.

I will be presenting my beliefs on what I feel are Contemporary/historical and Socio/Cultural representatives of childhood. Including some images.

What do I see as Contemporary, Historical, Social, Cultural impacts on childhood, and what I feel can be done to better the enjoyment of childhoods.
Too many children these days are saying "being a kid sucks, I want to be an adult" when I was growing up the phrase mainly used then was "I never want to grow up, this is so much fun" being able to explore on your own with minimal guidance.

I welcome you to explore with me, different representatives of childhood ranging in categories of Contemporary, Historical, Social and Cultural.
Children get new X-box
Historical- The unquestionable teaching methods with a lack of higher educators making sure its all taught to the letter. Highly strict with a what I say is law and don't disobey/muck around unless you want the strap/cane.

It was also where the teacher would give minimal instructions and get a fantastic project in return, as students tended to listen more in fear of the strap. Those that handed in their work late, would make up the time after school which could go as late as 6pm.

Teachers were at one stage respected and revered more than the law itself.
A Teacher Administers a Beating
When mom tells you to turn that game off
We have to go back
Cultural- Some children end up having to go 6 days without a bit of food, sometimes resulting in severe illness and possibly death. They would eat any bit of food they could get their hands on in the western world, even if it was at the bottom of the garbage tip.
Contemporary- Parents work late and the kids develop terrible eating habits with what the parents have in the cupboard- usually junk food, which can evolve into their adult life. The late working parent brings home greasy take away for dinner. To some parents , if there is a small bit of damage, smell, unnatural feel to the food it may end up being thrown out
Eating Habits
define necessity starving african children as north american greed shopping
you are what you eat

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Background Music-Cat Stevens-"Remember the days of the"Old Schoolyard from the album Izitso [1977]
matthew downs (fgcu) the great outdoors
Super Heroes In Childhood
Make a difference, Teach
I feel that children of the now, are missing out on so much more than they are aware of. The freedom and joy of being a child, instead of being forced to do things that some adults hate to do.
The reins should be loosened slightly to help avoid children ending up hating the world, and wanting to destroy bits and pieces of it- bus stops, windows, even attacking elderly in their own homes and to hopefully stop children needing to bring their kitchen knife on a walk to hopefully bump into someone they hate and spill their blood over the pavement.

I reckon we should let kids be kids revert back to the earlier years of teaching, technology, eating habits, then education and their imagination will grow again in a fantastic manner will be more beneficial and hopefully an end result would initialize them acting more like kids and not gang members.
roots and wings header
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