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Transcript of Realism

Analyzing Sequence
Uses dialogue that sounds natural (like actual speech)
Vivid, realistic description of what the soldiers see or do
Literary Characteristics
Characteristics of Realism include:
How did Realism develop?
Tim O'Brien's style
Realistic writers wanted to show how even ordinary lives are meaningful without "sugar-coating" events.

What is Realism?
A literary movement that developed during the 19th century in France and spread across Europe, Russia, and then to the U.S.
It focused on giving a view of what was occurring at that time, and on providing insight into what was truly going on in society.
It portrayed real life. The writers wrote about regular people living ordinary lives.
Realism developed as reaction against Romanticism (a literary movement that focused around feeling, imagination, and intuition).
"Where Have You Gone, Charming Billy?"
Situations from real life
Character is more important than action and plot.
Traditionally serves the interests and aspirations of the middle class.
No events that occurred in this kind of work were out of the ordinary, and the language used was simple, not glorified.
The concept of the work is obvious, not metaphorical.
Highlights the reality of life.
May not always have a happy ending.
the order in which events take place
Can you think of any transition words for sequence?
Sometimes the normal flow of a story is interrupted by a
description of events that happened before the start of the story's action
What does it do?
Provides more background information about the story and helps the reader understand what's going on.
To identify flashback, look for sudden changes in scene.
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