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Wilson Stuart

on 4 January 2016

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Transcript of E-Safety

"The internet, owned by no one
used by all"
@ Wilson Stuart School
Mr R Perrens

Job Title:
ICT/Computing Cordinator & Teacher

E-Safety Qualification:
CEOP Ambassador

Reducing Risk
How do we stop this?
Reducing Risk
Only enter non-sensitive information about yourself

Make sure you set your profile to private so not all people are able to see your profile.

Do not use your real name, use a screen name as people can track you down by your name.

DO-NOT give out your personal details
How do we stop this?
Results From Report
Teachers professional responsibility
1) Parents were not computer literate, they felt overpowered by their children as they didn't understand what they were doing and the risks.

2) The range of contect that was accessible to their children via the internet I.E Violent picture and videos.

3) Parents thought of the internet as open gates and their children had the chance to do what they wanted.
Areas Of Concern
Social Networking
So What Are The Dangers?
Harmful Material

Mobile Devices
The Potential Risks
Potential Risks With
Social Media
Comments & Updates
Adding People
Personal Wall
One 2 One Messageing
Group Messaging
Webcam Chat
Audio Chat
Personal Information

So who has hold all this information?
The Social Networking Site!!!
Social Networking
The Percentage of Children Aged 5 - 15 years old who have an active Social Networking Page?

1) 37% 2) 31% 3) 21% 4) 27%

The Percentage of Children Aged 9 - 16 years old who have contact with people they do not know?

1) 33% 2) 21% 3) 35% 4) 29%

nce posted content is there for all to see.
My job role at Wilson Stuart School is to share knowledge and understanding of the risks of the internet, showing pupils how to stay safe online and the procedures needed to highlight any problems which have occured. Our main aim at Wilson Stuart is the pupils safety, not only physicially but online to.

I cover E-Safety/internet security everyear making sure students are up to date with the new risks online.
The percentage of children aged 11 to 15 who use the internet at home?

How many hours a week do you think your child uses the internet? (12 to 15 year olds)

8 hours
12 Hours
17 Hours
22 Hours

Unknown People
Personal information
One2One Messaging
Video Messaging
Audio Messaging
Group Messaging

The Unknown
On social networking sites people have the chance to add friends and speak to new people. These people are not always people that you know, but sometime curiosity gets the best of you.
On Social Networking sites people have the chance to share their feeling, But does this stop there?
Personal Information
Phone Number

Mobile Apps
Around how many friends do 12 - 15 year olds have on facebook?

Think before you post a picture or any information which may cause offence.

Personal Information
Online Gaming
Only add/speak to people you know.

Do not met up with people you do not know.
Age For A Reason
Inappropriate images
Explicit Material
Reducing Risk - Trust
People may not be who they say they are.

Not all people tell the truth

If you are told not to tell anyone - Tell someone STRAIGHT AWAY

If you feel uncomfortable or do not like a site tell an adult.
What is the popular form of bullying?
Physical Bullying
Emotional Bullying
Verbal Bullying
The percentage of children who have met someone online who they didnt know (8 - 15 year olds)?

Reducing Risk
Pictures Online
Only Upload images that your parents would not mind other people seeing

Only send images to people you know

The picture you see may not be who you think it is.
Any Problems These Are Here To Help
The Results
Question 1: 96%
Question 2: 17 hours
Question 3: Cyber Bullying
Question 4: 37%
Question 5: 29%
Question 6: 272
Question 7: 64 Billion
Question 8: 60%
Question 9: 18,887
Question 10: 7%

Now lets see how many you got
Thank You For Listening
Any Questions?
Harmful Texts
Mobile phone are being used by children aged 3+

The days of sending messages to people just telling what time you will be back home or whats for tea have gone!
It is now a Cyber weapon!!!
A number of phones now have access to Apps (links) to chat systems.

You can talk to people, text, video call, audio and talk to people you dont know!
How many messages were sent in 24hrs using WatsApp?
35 Million
150.000 Thousand
147 Millon
64 Billion
Sexting is a fad which started around 6 years ago. It is mainly common in 13 - 14 year old.

So what is it?
The percentage of young people being asked for sexual images?

In 2012-13, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre received a total of HOW MANY reports?
Unsuitable Topics
Age Restrictions
Talking To Strangers
Sharing Information
Offensive Messages
Group Bullying
Open To Viruses

One of the biggest problems with Chatrooms is that people share information about themselves which can be used against them or even worse used to seek them out.

People can be friendly, nice and act like a family member, but on rare occassions people do this for a malicious reason!
This is when a person or people talk to someone and offer them advice, be a friend and generally be there for that person. As shown in the Jennifer Hobshaw (Social Networking) people pray on this information with the intention to harm them.
Online games are fantastic, you the opportunity to play with people across the whole world by a click of a button.

Does it stop there? Well the answer is no, you are open to Viruses, chatrooms, audio chat and giving away your personal information.

I am not saying don't use it. But just be sensible and don't give out information and don't add people you don't know. There is no way to be sure they are who they say they are ?
Would you take your 12 year old Child to an 18 Horror Film?
Would you allow your Child to go to a night club at the age of 12?
Because allowing your child to play 18 plus games is exactly the same, they are open to violence, harmful material and bad language and children who play these game often repeat what is happening in the game which will offend others.
Unfortunately Anti-virus can not block everything. Its Christmas and you search for Mrs Santa Claus and see what happens! These types of images may not offend everyone but they can still be seen as inappropriate.

The most common inappropriate Images

Violence Nudity Physical Abuse
Violent Images and Videos are available via search engines, emails and most common social networking pages.

Another common factor of Explicit Material is Pornography, as children grow up and become curious its not hard to find and is a click away using the likes of google.

All I ask is that you monitor Childrens acitivies online and try and keep them safe.
Useful Websites

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