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Smoking Style

No description

Luc Wang

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Smoking Style

process of making cigarette Teen smoking trends

·Nationwide, 71% of high school students have tried smoking.

·One third of high school students had smoked a cigarette within the past 30 days.

·Number of high school students rose from 14% to 16%.

One of the common reasons kids start smoking, defiance of authority. Smoking ingredients of cigarette ingredients of cigarette problems that might be faced bad breath- most smokers have bad breath because of all the tobaccos they have smoked. it results in smokers to have bad breath.
bad skin- smoking slows down ones rate of blood flow, which prevents oxygen from being absorbed by the skin cells.
inability to do sports- smoking will reduce the athlete level of a person, compare to smokers, non-smokers will usually do better in sports.
risk of illness- Smokers lose bone density which causes them to get hurt more easily and also there is greater risk to get cancer. Disadvantages of smoking how to help teen quit smoking? 1. Set up a good example and parents should spend most of the time with their children. Do not smoke in front of your children while control the temptation and keep cigarettes and lighters away from them so that your children won't be influenced by you.
2. Communication is very important because one of the main reason children start smoking is because of peer pressure.Talk to your children then find out the reason why they start smoking, it will be easier to help them to quit after knowing the reason behind it.
3. Tell them the consequences of smoking such as cancer,yellow teeth,bad breath and to make them aware of the things that they will face if they don't quit.
4. Help them to make a plan. Write down on paper of their schedule and make it clear for them that what should they need to do at a certain time. anti-smoking adverts There are over 4000 chemicals in tobacco out of witch a 100 are identified poisons and 63 are known carcinogens
Here are some of the ingredients found in a cigarette.
1. Acetone- found in nail polish remover
2. Acetic acid- found in hair dyer
3.Arsenic- found in rat poison
4. Carbon Monoxide- found in car exhaust
5. Lead
6.Methanol-found in rocket fuel
7.Nicotine-uses as insecticide
8.Tar- used to pave roads
9.Hexamine-Barbecue Lighter
10.Methane-Swamp Gas
11.Nitrobenzene-Gasoline Additive
12.Nitrous Oxide Phenols-Disinfectant
13.Stearic Acid-Candle Wax
14.Toluene-Industrial Solvent Health
Economic problems Lungs Heart Brain Money Skin and hair The mixture of nicotine and carbon monoxide in each cigarette, temporarily increases the smoker's heart rate and blood pressure, straining his/her heart and blood vessels. It contributes to many heart diseases and increases the risk of stroke by 40% among men and 60% among women. The lungs of the smoker appears to be black because smoking damages his/her lungs' natural cleaning and repair system and traps cancer-causing chemicals in his/her lungs. The tar content of the cigarette directly damages the cells in the airways of the lung; In long term, it can cause lungs or larynx cancer. Smkoing will cause high blood pressure and an ingredient called carbon monoxide will reduce the amount of oxygen, blood can carry to the brain. Nerve tissue will be greatly damaged. Smoking does more than just damage your health; it does a number on you wallet as well! A pack of cigarettes now averages 7-15 dollars. According to the American Lung Association, the average cost of a smoker is about $1,500 a year. Also smoking costs "the United States over $193 billion in 2004, including $97 billion in lost productivity and $96 billion in direct health care expenditures. Thank You !!! -Smokers may notice that the top layers of their hair are quite brittle. This causes them to break off before they are fully grown.

-Smoking restricts blood vessels, reducing the amount of blood flowing to the skin.This deprives the skin of oxygen and essential nutrients making it drier and can give it a grey, wasted appearance. Story happened around us We have interviewd a substitute teacher who's dad started smoking when he was 18. When being asked what she felt towards smoking, she said that " i feel strongly about smoking , this is one aspect of health (which)you can control. (But)because of social influence, a lot of people thinks its ok."
"My entire family tried to convince him to quit smoking. He tried by chewing gums." said Miss.Ma. However, she did not succeed.
When being asked to say something to teen smokers and non-smokers, Miss.Ma said that" I understand (smoking) this is to fit in due to peer pressure, (but) its better to think about your health. its such a habit , highly addictive. it costs a lot more than your health." Advantages of smoking The only advantage of smoking is that smoker always feel a sense of calm and relaxation during and immediately after smoking a cigarette Works Cited

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