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Enhancing New Media Virtually: VR Objects, Panoramas and 3D Photography

Enhancing New Media Virtually: VR Objects, Panoramas and 3D Photography

Jared Bendis

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Enhancing New Media Virtually: VR Objects, Panoramas and 3D Photography

Taking 3D Pictures Viewing 3D VR Objects Pano 2 VR Cylindrical Panorama Source Images Mirror Panorama GigaPan No Parallax Error Parallax is the Enemy Parallax Error Parallax is the Enemy VR Panoramas Jared E. Bendis
Creative New Media Officer
Case Western Reserve University Enhancing New Media Virtually: VR Objects, Panoramas and
3D Photography
http://jaredjared.com/ Thank You StereoMovie Maker StereoPhoto Maker Post Processing 3D 3D TV Head Mounted Displays 1904 Oliver Wendell Holmes “To show, what few people know, - the correct way to use stereoscopic views.” Problem #3 “To give an example of intelligent appreciation of stereoscopic views as well as their possibilities to a person who does appreciate them.” Problem #2 “To show the utter absurdity of many wide-spread misconceptions, as, for instance, that stereoscopic photographs are of importance mainly as a means for amusement and entertainment rather than for education.” Problem #1 2 pictures
Separated by about 3 inches (70mm)
Up to 10% of population is ‘stereo blind’
Different than depth perception Stereopsis:
The Foundation of 3D Photography Art
Anything with depth Application of 3D Photography Parallax is my Friend Stereoscopic/3D Photography Object Examples Object 2 VR Panorama Examples Spherical Panorama PTGui Cylindrical Panoramas
360° horizontally / up to 120° vertically

Cubic/Spherical Panoramas
360° horizontally / 180° vertically Types of Panoramas ChromaDepth Start with 2 Pictures Depth Map
Grayscale image
Created from Software
Used for ChromaDepth ‘Virtual’ Camera Computer Generated Two images with same camera
Must be no movement in scene
30:1 Rule
70mm for normal
Macro or Hypostereoscopy
Hyperstereoscopy – The Miniature Effect Slider-Bar / Cha-Cha Stereo Beam Splitter Lenticular / Autostereoscopic Object Rigs Source Images Panoramic Rigs Sweep Panoramas Twin Cameras Stereo Cameras Active Shutter
ChromaDepth 3D Glasses Stereo Viewers Source Images 3D Video Cameras http://gigapan.com/gigapans/72802 http://www.gopano.com/video/MTA4NTc http://www.360cities.net/gigapixel/strahov-library.html http://fromcastletocastle.com/pano/m1.html http://fromcastletocastle.com/pano/galata.html http://jaredjared.com/vr/book1/book1.html http://jaredjared.com/vr/book2/book2.html http://jaredjared.com/vr/mourner/mourner.html http://jaredjared.com/vr/pot/pot.html Questions?
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