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Carla Antidormi's Interactive Resume

Traditional resumes are boring...

Carla Antidormi

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of Carla Antidormi's Interactive Resume

carla.antidormi@gmail.com | @carlaantidormi
May 2004
Sept 2005
June 2006
June 2006
Mar 2011
Sept 2011
16 month Internship
in Business Planning

After completing an internship, I received an offer to return on contract while completing my undergraduate degree.
Sept 2011
May 2015
First intern at Lake Erie Works, supporting Sales and Operational teams.

Known for:
Making processes more efficient
Customer service standards
Communicating with multiple groups
Mar 2007
Mar 2007
Mar 2008
Business Planning Analyst
Supervisor, Outside Processing
& Order Entry
Known for:
Merging departments together (twice)
Automating reports using Excel
Revamping Order Entry process in 2 weeks to increase productivity by 50%
Department Manager,
Sales & Planning
Known for:
First person to lead both Business Planning & Sales
Being promoted to a newly created role to manage cross-discipline team of 15
Improving communications between teams
Manager, Strategic Planning & Supply Chain
Account Manager, Slab Sales
Known for:
Launching 1st Canadian sales program to supply slabs to US plants
Managing a team of 20 across 2 locations to plan production for $600MM annual order book
Achieving 'preferred vendor' status within 6 months (vs. 2 years) by promising to meet deadlines (and figuring out different solutions to do this)
Influencing C-level executives at annual meetings
Worked with small businesses, offering expertise in business plans and marketing.

Clients included: Executive search firm, training & development, and a pilates studio.
Admissions & Recruiting Officer, MBA Co-op Program
Relationship Manager, MBA Program
Known for:
Overhauling content of prospective student website, launching within 4 months
Streamlining communications and procedures
Known for:
Coaching 600+ MBA students & inspiring them to figure out where they fit in the business world - and how to disrupt it
Managing a product launch to introduce online software to replace manual process of analyzing MBA data
Interviewing 300+ prospective students (600 applicants for 140 spots)
Pushing change - and making presentations pretty
Delivering workshops and presentations, with audiences from 15-200
I am influenced by...
...the things I love are...
In 2010, launched:
and now I have a new site:
Why am I covered in mud?
Competitive highland dancer for over 20 years; have danced for the Queen (twice!):
and I'm working on another:
Commercial Banker
I lend money to clients to help them achieve their goals.

Client Portfolio:
Construction, Contractors, Real Estate
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