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Syria, History in a glance

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Sami Tashwali

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Syria, History in a glance

History in a glance
"Each civilized person in the world should admit that he has two home countries : Syria ,and the one he was born in "
André Parrot
French archaeologist specialized in the ancient east

Where is Syria located ?

Syria was occupied by
several countries and
parties through the
Turks ruled Syria for over 4 decades
same religion (muslim)
respected the Arabic language
1516 ----->1918
Syria was officially
taken by France
in 1920
April ,17,1946
A period of instability
happened till 1970
in 1970, the minister of defense
, Hafez Al-Assad , seized power
in a military overthrow
Hafez Al-Asad rule
ruled the country till his death in June 2000
as a dictator
Immediately follow Al-Asad's death ,the Syrian Parliament amended the constitution; reducing the mandatory minimum age of president from 40 to
Take over
the presidency
after his father
in July , 2000
Bashar Al-Asad
several organizations tried to rise for democracy ,but all ended in jail
March , 2011
The Syrian revolution
is now 2.5 years old
; over 160,000 people
have been killed by
the regime forces
4.25 million Syrian have
been displaced inside
1.6 million
Syrian refugee
in neighbor

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