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Top 5 Jobs of the 1920's

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Alexis Everett

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Top 5 Jobs of the 1920's

#3) Teachers
Mainly women were teachers in the 1920's. Teachers had a low social status and made $1,200 annually.

In 1919 several small teacher union locals founded the California State Federation of Teachers. It was an inauspicious year in which to launch a statewide teachers' union.
Top 5 Jobs of the 1920's

#4) Store Clerks
Men or women could have this job. Also a job that never required a high education. Payed $8 a week for a woman, higher for men.
#5) Librarians
Library's in the 1920's promoted adult education.
Librarians had a considerable amount of furthered education. Mostly woman as Librarians. Seen as a 'womans' job. Average annual pay of $1000.
#2) Nurses
Society seen being a nurse as a woman's job. You could be a nurse only if you had a higher education. Nurses made around the average $1000.
In the 1920's woman were always paid less then a man, this is where sexism started and a push for womans rights. The most common jobs were low paying and just enough to get yourself and family by. Most jobs were worked by women because they were considered a 'womans' job, because men were seen and strong and to do more heavy work.
#1) Cashiers
Women usually obtained these jobs
if they had little to no education. 1 out of every 4 women over the age of 16 had a low paying job like this to help their families get by.
Women were paid $8 per week.
By: Alexis, Raegan, Bri
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