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SFFR Advocats Presentation

No description

Guillem Mora Bosch

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of SFFR Advocats Presentation

Our Principal Clients: Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Personalized 30 years Our Principal Clients: Grup Borges

F.C. Barcelona


Piaggio BCN QUALITY What do
we obtain? How do
we work? The way we
Work... T H N A K Y O U P R E Z I ax.segarra@sffr-advocats.com For further information, please
download the attached brochure
or contact: Leading tax and legal
office in Barcelona more than of experience Client and hands-on approach to Relationship - Degree in Economics
and Law Studies - Member of the Board of Directors · Mutua Fiatc
· Grupo Borges
· IPAGSA Industrial S.L.
· Chimigraf Holding S.L.
· Genestrolle International Holding S.A.
· Cevasa
·Agrofuse - Author of various articles and tax books CV Joan de Figuerolas - Degree in Law and MBA
(Tax Law Specialization)
from ESADE - His has run many Courses
and Seminars at multiple
Business Schools
and Universities - Secretary of the
Board of Directors · Compañía del Trópico de Café y Té S.L.
· Parkare Group S.L.
· Proactiva Asset Management S.L.
· Immobiliaria Amistat de L'Arboç S.L.
· Serveis d'Administració Urgell S.L.
· Fundació Privada Catalana per l'Arqueologia Ibèrica (Food and Olive Oil Sector)

(Sport Entity)


(Motor Sector) Agrolimen

Grupo Mémora


Parkare Group (Alimentation Sector)


(Funeral Service)

(Delivery Service Sector)

(Parking Sector) Secretary of Board of Directors, Constitution of Corporations, Drafting and Negotiating Agreements, Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions, Analysis of Insolvency, Contracts, Statutes, Due Diligence, Bankruptcy Situations. CORPORATE: TAXATION: Spain tax system, Corporate Income Tax, Income Tax of Individuals, Value Added Tax, Closing Tax Planning, Succession in Family Business. Investing Overseas, Spanish Investment by Nonresidents, Permanents Establishments, Repatriation of Benefits, Dividends, Artists and Sportists, Withholding tax rate, Double tax treaties. INTERNATIONAL TAXATION: - Co-Author with Àngel Segarra
of some of the Books
mentioned above ax.segarra@sffr-advocats.com In-Depth
Knowledge Of relevant specialized fields of law Hands-On aproach
to Client Personalized and providing strong and
lasting relationship Effective and
Creative Solutions Constant desire to
strive to offer to any problems that clients may have Trustworthiness
and Confidence High level of client in our business, occurring as a result of our direct approach to client Honesty and Ethics which have marked our corporate trajectory thus far, and upon which we will continue to build in the future Tax and Legal Advisors CV Àngel Segarra - Lecturer in tax matters on
multiple prestigious universities Café & Té http://angelsegarra.com
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