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Igbo Tribe: Status, Family, and Gender Roles

Present upon the Igbo Tribe and their views on status, family, and the roles of the different genders. #YOLO

Robby Larson

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Igbo Tribe: Status, Family, and Gender Roles

The Igbo Tribe Status, Family,
and Gender Roles Family Gender Roles Men Wives Children In Terms of Wives In Terms of Yams Status - The more wives a man has, the richer he is
- Men must have absolute control of their wives and
children, this includes common beatings - The more yams planted, the more dominant you
are - The more wives, the better

- The first wife is usually the oldest and the most

- Women are expected to have children, it is an honor
to have children as the family can continue

- Women cannot have more than one
husband - It is important for the father to hand down whatever
he has to his son

- Sons are preferred when having kids because they will
turn into men and dominate the family

- Children are expected to do whatever the father
says - When a young couple is about to get married, the
bridegroom's family gives gifts to the bride's family - Men live alone on their land in their obi

- The wives' huts are on his land in which they live
in and give birth to their children in, also their
children live in their huts as well - Dominate the family

- Keep control of their wives and kids

- Men were supposed to be active and aggressive

- Men's wealth was determined by yams and wives

- Must buy wives

- Once married, had control of everything
including wives, children, property,
and land - Had no value
- Expected just to have kids and cook
- Were often times beat
- Expected to be subservient and passive
- Once married, they have no control over anything - Do whatever their parents/father say WOMEN AREN'T TREATED LIKE THIS IN MODERN DAYS Most of the times, in modern days, the women are treated with more of a sense of equality, and often times have some more control of the family. Also, men can now be charged with abuse even in Nigeria in modern times.
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