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Kiva Donation Day


smriti pradhan

on 4 June 2010

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Transcript of Kiva Donation Day

Kiva Donation Day Field Partners Entrepreneurs You - the lenders Microcredit Institution Microfinance

Muhammad Yunus an economics professor from Bangladesh developed idea of microcredit 30 years ago
- awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

offers the poor access to basic financial services:
- loans, savings, money transfer services, microinsurance

The World Bank estimates that there are now over 7000 microfinance institutions, serving some 16 million poor people in developing countries. The total cash turnover of MFIs world-wide is estimated at US$2.5 billion and the potential for new growth is outstanding.
The Entrepeneurs

there's a focus on women, normally in more disadvantaged situations
- with women being successful in their businesses - improves the status of women in families and communities

help by reducing poverty, enabling people to build assets, increase incomes, and reduce their vulnerability to economic stress The Lenders

you pick the entrepreneur you want to lend to, keep track of their progess on Kiva's website

97% repayment globally, for KIVA 98%

the money comes back - so you can invest in more people
- average return 5.5% from 2001 issue MicroBanking Bulletin of 62 microfinance institutions
an online lending platform microfinance institutions around the world who lend the money, upload the profiles and updates
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