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Distance Learning in SoLS

No description

Sally Chappell

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Distance Learning in SoLS

What Courses?
All courses currently part of the NHS Scientist training programme
MSc Clinical Science (Infection Science)
MSc Clinical Science (Clinical Genetics)
MSc Clinical Science (Blood Science)
MSc Clinical Science (Cellular Science)

Distance Learning in SoLS

Maintaining some interaction...
Distance vs Campus
Transferable to campus-based teaching
Moodle experience
"Flipped Classroom" using recorded lectures
Nearpod to test understanding
Student Contact
Mainly via discussion forums
Online tutorials
Need to ensure
Best laid plans...
Pilot scheme - tightly timetabled, based on PBL.
Solving access issues
All students provided with iPad
Recorded lectures packaged into iBooks
Implications for teaching
Problems with Internet access

National scheme - not timetabled, discussions harder
Using Moodle sites to create communities
Student Opinions
Main Moodle Homepage
Using Case Studies
Case studies used in similar ways to the timed PBL used in the pilot scheme.

Has to be workable when only small numbers of students are working on it at a particular time
Conditional Release in Moodle
Using Forums for Discussion Around Case Studies
Online Tutorials
Adobe Connect
Variable take-up
Would be great if course content could be loaded onto a device – a lot more “free-time” at work or when travelling could be used more efficiently

Podcasts are definitely more use than typical lectures as you can pause them whilst writing notes, replay them for clarification and replay before exams

Benefits for campus-based teaching

Recorded material is scrutinised
Takes time!
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