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"The Man With the Muckrake" by Theodore Roosevelt

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Kaitlin Weaver

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of "The Man With the Muckrake" by Theodore Roosevelt

Historical Context
What is a muckrake? Well it's basically a journalist who sought to expose the evils and injustices of the Gilded Age before they destroyed democracy.
During this time many reforms were taking place, like the new sanitation laws in the meat industry (Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act)
Many immigrants were also moving to the U.S. from Europe.
Theodore Roosevelt
Born October 27,1858- Died January 6,1919
Became the youngest man to take the Presidency after President William McKinley was assassinated.
Was the 26th president of the U.S.
Won a noble peace prize for his part in ending the Russo-Japaneses War.
He didn't have a specific audience to the speech but he walks a fine line between supporting the radical liberal activists and the big businesses.
Roosevelt wants to show that he is both a business man and a reformer. He understands the worries of the common people and the not so common. He shows diversity.
"The radicals that preach destruction without proposing any substitution for what they intend to destroy are far worse than the existing evil"
Rhetorical Devices
Roosevelt alluded to the Ecclesiastical Polity by Bishop Hooker and he alluded to Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress and in a few instances he alluded to the Bible.
President Roosevelt needed to accomplish two things with this speech. First, he wanted to express the need to have a progressive tax on the rich because it was important in providing the security and general welfare of all Americans. Second, he wanted everyone to see that he was impartial and had only the best interest for all at heart.
"The Man With the Muckrake" by Theodore Roosevelt
Presentation by: Kaitlin Weaver
Summary Cont.
Rhetorical Devices
"Theodore Roosevelt." Bio. A&E Television Networks, 2015. Web. 01 Feb. 2015.
"Theodore Roosevelt - The Man with the Muck-rake." Theodore Roosevelt - The Man with the Muck-rake. Web. 1 Feb. 2015. <http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/teddyrooseveltmuckrake.htm>.
"The eighth commandment reads, 'Thou shalt not steal'."
"The soul of every scoundrel is gladdened whenever an honest man is assailed."
"Foundation stone of natural life is, and ever must be, the high individual character of the average citizen."
Over and over Roosevelt says, "the welfare of,"
Roosevelt wanted people to try to be better for the sake of the country
He wanted to show that he was diverse and he strives to see from all Americans point of view.
In this speech he addressed many social and economic issues.
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