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Chapter 7- Alcohol, other drugs, and driving

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on 14 July 2017

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Transcript of Chapter 7- Alcohol, other drugs, and driving

Chapter 4 - Alcohol, other drugs, and driving
Star "KWL"
Divide a Paper into three parts. In the first coloum write down "Knowledge", in the second column put down "what you want to know" , and the last column "Learn"
Other kinds of drugs and driving
Coping with Peer Pressure
Prepare a roleplaying skit over resisting drinking and driving. Use a strategy to help resist peer pressure.
Traffic Laws

As a group research and find the drinking laws in South Dakota.
The topic is drinking and driving. Fill in the first column with what you know and try to ask at least 3 questions in the want to know.
Read 56-62 and fill out the "learn" section. Be prepared to discuss.
Read 63-65
Write in your journal if you know of anyone who has been impacted by drinking and driving.
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