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Beowulf Resume

No description

Ashley Clark

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Beowulf Resume

Skills & Traits
Education & Qualifications
Received Training From:
Edgetho {My father was a skilled worker & famous soldier who trained me in combat & swordsmanship}
Hrethel {My grandfather was the former king f Geats & possessed great leadership skills that he passes down to me}
Higlac {My uncle was also the king of Geats who taught me how to be an honorary & courageous hero}
Chained 5 Giants
Led 14 Geats to Denmark to defend Herot
Fought & Killed Grendel {a demon who haunted Herot for 12 years}
Swam/Held breath for 12 hours in a demon infested lake
Fought & Killed Grendel's Mother w/ a magic sword
Killed 9 Sea monsters & made waterways safe
Ruled Geats for 50 years
Sacrificed my life & slayed poisonous dragon w/ the help of Wiglaf
Name:Beowulf ,Prince of Geats
Objective/Goal: To rid the world of evil & gain due fame as the perfect hero while protecting the people of my kingdom & others.
Position Applied for:World's Greatest Hero
Beowulf Resume
Weight Lifting
Slaying Beasts
Basking in my Glory
Bragging of my Defeats
Hrothgar, King of Herot, Far Away Land of Danes
Higlac, King of Geats, Homeland of Sweden
People of Danes & Sweden { I saved their lives}
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