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Unit 2 Production


Eric Waddon

on 30 September 2010

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Transcript of Unit 2 Production

RADIO IS BETTER THAN TELEVISION What do you prefer, listening to
the radio or watching television? The content is free. No
monthly radio bill unlike
satelite or cable. Radios are portable. It is almost impossible
to watch TV on the go. Anyone can call into a Talk Radio show. I've listened to the radio
and watched TV my whole life. A lot of people probably think
that TV is more useful than radio... But, did you know???? The Radio reaches 92% of
adults in America every week. The average person will watch 1,500 hours
of TV in a year. Radio is expanding... Sirius and XM
provide thousands of commerical
free stations. Radio stations make more $$
in advertising on average than
TV stations. So.... Are you ready to put down that remote yet? It's not easy to get on TV. But.... I love the radio because I can do other
things while I'm listening. Thats 62.5 days... ...or over 2 months of your year
spent sitting down watching TV. Eric Waddon Unit 2 Production
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