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Michael Kors

No description

Cassandra Andrews

on 26 December 2013

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Transcript of Michael Kors


Fashion Designer

Michael Kors Women's Collection launched in May 1981 and was sold in the high-end department stores Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue. But the glitzy Madison Avenue showrooms he'd later have were still a long way off, he displayed the collection laid out on his bed in his apartment. From these humble beginnings he eventually picked up celebrity fans such as Barbara Walters and he earned many awards for his designs. In 1990, Michael's company was forced to reorganize under Chapter 11 bankruptcy causing him to alter his plans along the way. After getting back on his feet he launched a lower priced line (KORS Michael Kors). He later became the creative director of Celine, a French Fashion House. He still maintained to expand his own brand launching menswear, accessories and perfume lines.
Michael Kors has many achievements throughout his life and fashion career such as designing a wedding dress at such a young age, attending the Fashion Institute of Technology (even though that didn't last long), worked at French boutique Lothar's, created and started his own fashion collection and fashion line, being featured and sold in high-end department stores, had fashion editor of New York Magazine now Vogue view his collection, picked up many celebrity fans, and earned awards for design. He launched a new lower-priced line, was a creative director of a French Fashion House Celine, expanded his brand having menswear, accessory, and perfume lines. Michael Kors won the coveted Menswear Designer of the Year award, and lastly being a judge on the reality television show Project Runway for over 9 years and being offered several Emmy Award nominations.
Michael Kors born Karl Anderson Jr. in Long Island, New York on August 9th 1959. As a toddler he worked as a model for products such as toilet paper and Lucky Charms cereal. He got his new name at the age of 5 when his mother married a business man named Bill Kors. His mother had told him "you're getting a new last name so why not choose a new first name as well". He chose Michael as his first name and his second favorite David for his middle name. Already a fashion addict, he was allowed to design his mothers wedding dress.
Biography continued...
Michael was overly excited every month when Vogue had arrived, he loved shopping. He worked at a French boutique which allowed him to design and merchandise his first fashion collection. The well received collection generated enough interest that Kors was able to start his own fashion line.
Achievements cont..
Michael kors is memorable for many things some of the most important ones would include having his own fashion line that later fell and had complications due to bankruptcy but rose back up to bring it back better and stronger than ever. Michael having won the coveted Menswear Designer of the Year award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America which is the most prestigious prize in American fashion. He is famously known for being the judge with the quips and the blunt criticism on Project Runway that made him hated and also loved at the same time by millions making that extremely memorable throughout is career. Lastly having Michelle Obama pose in a Michael Kors dress for her first official portrait.
Shaped American Society
Michael Kors has very much shaped american society. The reason why his work helped shape society is because he had a chance to show people that even though you have a dream or have a love for something at a young age it can still always come true. If you love something or have a strong passion for it, don't give up on it follow it through, even though you'll have many obstacles along the way you can still achieve what you first dreamed up and make a career out of doing something that you really truly love. His story gives people hope that no matter what anything is possible, that you don't need to come from a rich family or have lots of money to have your dreams come true, you just need to believe in it.
What I Learned...
From reading and researching about Michael Kors I learned many things that will inspire me in my own life in some way. I learned that if you love something and have a strong passion for it, you can make a phenomenal career out of it as long as you believe in it and don't give up. Also that anything is possible!

your vision-
Michael took something that he really loved and had a strong passion for as a child and made a spectacular career out of it.

the roadblocks-
He found ways around the barrier of when his company was forced to reorganize because of bankruptcy, he got back on his feet and launched another line.
He convinced the fashion editor Anna Wintour then of New York Magazine now the editor of Vogue to view his collection and he also worked for a French boutique which allowed him to start his own line.

the first step
- falling in love with fashion and always being intrigued by Vogue allowed him to expand his passion. Being able to design his mothers wedding dress was the first big step into the fashion and design world that he really got to experience.
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Many countless celebrities wear Michael Kors's clothes, including the U.S. first lady Michelle Obama. With new lines constantly in production and more and more customers being drawn in by his Project Runway appearances and amazing design and fashion sense for his fashion lines. Michael Kors's fashion empire continues to keep growing.
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