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Tiffany Finet-My Favorite Books

No description

Tiffany Finet

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Tiffany Finet-My Favorite Books

Double click anywhere & add an idea My Favorite Books
Tiffany Finet Atonment
(Ian McEwan) The Road
(Cormac McCarthy) The Giver
(Lois Lowry) I have read this book about ten times since I got it as a young child. It really had an affect on me and still does every time I read it. It was my first introduction to dystopian literature, a genre that I love. The uniqueness of it really stood out to me when I first read it. It was like nothing I had ever read or even thought about. One thing that I really love is when Jonah, the main character, starts seeing colors, mainly red. As a child, that blew my mind and really made me start thinking about the world around me and my perception of it. Ian McEwan is my favorite author. I have only just discovered him recently. This past year I have been reading all of his books. Atonement was the first of his that I read, and it is still my favorite. It is about a relationship that is ruined by the ignorance and jealously of a little girl. It is divided into three parts and spans many years. I love it because of the way Ian McEwan can show you what people are thinking and feeling, and do it beautifully and meaningfully with his prose. I borrowed this from my roommate last year and from the first sentence on was completely transfixed. I love how the text juxtaposes the subject matter. Something horrible and frantic can be happening but the text is so calm and haunting. I also love the fact that the reader is not told the two main characters names; they are just "the man" and "the boy". The book as a whole is actually quite terrifying, but the author's skill keeps you want to keep reading.
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