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The Myths of Greece and Rome

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Danielle Bankstahl

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of The Myths of Greece and Rome

The Myths of Greece and Rome
By: Mrs. Bankstahl
Ancient Greece and Rome have contributed to:
the use of columns in architecture
subject matter for great works of art and literature
the use of money for the purchase of goods and services
In the city-state of Athens, the Greeks practiced:
The myths that dealt with the forces of the universe helped the Greeks and Romans:
explain otherwise frightening occurrences
Myths probably originated when:
people had questions about the world's creation
Most Greek and Roman myths:
were passed on by word of mouth
The Roman myths were:
based on Greek myths
Greek and Roman myths DO NOT provide historical facts!
According to Greek myths, gods and goddesses lived on Mount Olympus.
The Greek name for the king of the gods is Zeus!
The Roman messenger god is Mercury.
Greek word prefixes:
anti-means against
auto-means self
hydro-means water
meta-means change
sym- or syn-means with
The Creation of the World - Greek Mythology
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