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Business and IT consulting excellence

No description

Elitsa Marinova

on 4 July 2014

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Transcript of Business and IT consulting excellence

Mission & vision
Best practices and objectives
Software development
Business consulting
Main areas of activity
The mission of “LegIT” Ltd. is to give highly-specialized IT consultancy support to its clients while adhering to their business policies and ambition to achieve sustainable development, thus becoming an IT leader in process management, technology development, training and knowledge transfer.

Our vision is by transmitting our knowledge and best practices to improve our clients’ potential, their effectiveness and productivity.

The key expertise of “LegIT” Ltd. is concentrated in the field of application development. The team of LegIT has got profound knowledge in some of the most popular and widely implemented technological frameworks and platforms:
• .Net Framework – C# and Visual Basic .Net, MVC, AJAX, WCF Web Services;
• IBM Lotus Domino, Lotus Connections, ODBC, DECS;
• Oracle, Postgresql, Informix.

Best practices
The experience gained by the team of LegIT proves that only companies with a vision could survive in a world of change. The management focus has been shifted from economy of scale to knowledge transfer in order to raise productivity and achieve sustainable growth. Gratifying and giving perspective for development to company employees guarantee its success.

The main goal of “LegIT” Ltd. is to achieve long-term sustainable development by becoming a preferable partner of public institutions and business in specific / focused areas of Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Excellence, Technology enablement and IT Services.

established in 2013
a competent assignee of “Latona Bulgaria Ltd”, “Gravis Bulgaria AD” and “Smart Systems 2010 Ltd” - technology divisions, specialized in IT Solutions and Systems in the field of Justice.
managed to establish a professional team of IT experts and to gain significant experience in the implementation of complex IT projects in Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Russia, Serbia, FYR Macedonia and other European countries.

Our consultations on process management are based on the proven ARIS methodology and tools of IDS Scheer AG. By combining the business knowledge and the opportunities, which these tools give and the expertise in TOGAF and Archimate Enterprise Architecture development, our consultants specialize in:
• Development of the Enterprise Architecture;
• Development of IT Strategy;
• Business Process Modelling
• Gap analysis;
• Aligning the business strategies to IT and/or BPM strategies;
• Re engineer processes;
• Defining and implementing KPIs
• Dynamic simulations for the discovery of bottle necks and capacity management
• Definition of the requirements for information systems and their integration;
• Quality management;
• Implementation of performance measurement systems

Expertise in the field of :
Software Development;
Business Consulting: Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management;
IT Consulting Services in the field of information and communication technology related to data migration, application integration, archiving, testing, software applications implementation;
IT and BPM trainings;
Quality assurance of projects and project documentation in the field of IT and Business consulting;

Business and IT consulting excellence
Extended Enterprise Solutions

LegIT Ltd. introduced the e-business and web services business line.

A dedicated team was engaged in design, development and maintenance of functional and plentiful web-based applications.

After a number of successful and innovative solutions, the company was widely recognized as a leading provider of complex e-business solutions combining original design, user-centric functionality, collaboration and smooth integration of back-office systems.

The team of LegIT would be glad
to co-operate with you !

Contact us at:
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