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No description

Brittany Denham

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of bff

Barrie Film
RFP Table of Contents Who We Are & How We Came To Be
Background of Barrie Film Festival
Purpose and Objectives
Sampling Description & Plan
Project Timeline
Associated Costs
Conclusions Who we Are Jessica Aplin: Resourceful, Punctual & Goal
Brittany Denham: Enthusiastic, Attentive &
Alyssa Quesnelle: Passionate, Determined &
Ben Sandifold: Focused, Intuitive & Analytical
Rehan Syed: Creative, Analytical & Detail
Driven How We Came To Be Nascent: Freshly generated in a reactive form. • Comprising of researchers combining
their passion and knowledge into one
• Community centric researchers
• Striving to solve all research problems How We See Ourselves Through Movies Jessica: Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion,
The Green Mile, & Wayne's World
Brittany: The High Cost of Living, Back to the
Future, & Fired Up!
Alyssa: Its a Wonderful Life, The Pianist, & Just Go
With It.
Ben: Hunchback of Notre Dame, Se7en, &
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Rehan: The Shawshank Redemption, Princess
Bride, & Rudy Background to Barrie Film
Festival • Started in 2006 as a not for profit organization
• Core purpose is to promote the medium of film
• Strong focus on the promotion of young/new
filmmakers, Canadian and Foreign Film
• Provide a venue to films that do not get wide
release thus giving the public a unique cultural experience they do not get elsewhere Background to Barrie Film
Festival A 2009 study of Barrie’s Arts & Cultures
Markets found that 82% of Barrie
respondents participated in an Arts and
Cultures event. Festival and Events
represent approximately 80% of Barrie’s
Arts & Cultures attractions, 10% of which is
The Barrie Film Festival. Purpose • To expand the clientele of the Barrie film festival
by figuring out the profile of its current client
base and how to reach more of the same.
• To figure out the attitudes of those who are not
part of the client base and what they desire and how to provide that.
• To provide evidence based on research findings
that assist in the application for cultural grants. Objectives • Creating a profile of the screen one audience that
mirrors Census Data.
• Determining locations or segments that conform
to the profile of the screen one audience but have not been reached yet.
• Creating a profile of Barrie movie preferences and
attitudes towards the film festival with a special focus on southern Barrie and Georgian College. Associated Costs Budget (Option Two) Deliverables Question
Answer References How & Who We Survey Budget (Option One) Georgian C, Downtown and South Screen One Goers People Surveyed 380
Cost per Survey $25
Surveyor Salary Per Survey $5
Subtotal $11,400 People Surveyed 90
Cost per Survey $25
Survey Salary per Survey $5
Subtotal $2,700 Data Processing $2,300 Miscellaneous Costs (paper costs etc.) $1,000 Our Costs (8% of Total) Total Hours 50
Total Costs $1,300 Total: $18,700 Georgian C, Downtown and South People Surveyed 380
Cost per Survey $25
Surveyor Salary Per Survey $0
Subtotal $9,500 Screen One Goers People Surveyed 90
Cost per Survey $25
Survey Salary per Survey $0
Subtotal $2,250 Data Processing $1,500 Miscellaneous Costs (paper costs etc.) $1,000 Our Costs (8% of Total) Total Hours 50
Total Costs $1,300 Total: $14,550 Option One Option Two is a more cost effective option as it
utilizes the volunteers of BFF to lower costs.
- costs per completed surveys
- reduced data processing fees as volunteers will be
used with tasks such as data entry
- miscellaneous costs (paper, printing fees, and training of the volunteers for their specific research task)
- salary for Nascent Research Inc. Option One have more associated costs as certain
tasks will be sourced out to other companies:
- costs per completed survey
- surveyor salary
- data processing fee's
- miscellaneous costs (paper, printing fees)
- salary for Nascent Research Inc. Associated Costs Option two Where Who & How We Survey Where we will Survey Project Timeline Once the research is completed, Nascent Research Inc. will prepare and present the research findings the The Barrie Film Festival.

The Barrie Film Festival will also be provided with a summary report which will include profiles of those who were researched. This will be provided after the final presentation.

Encouraging factors for South Barrie commuters to attend BFF events.
Our Proposal for You We hope that this presentation has
shown our excitement for this project

Since we have answered all of your
questions, we have one for you... What would it take for us to get this
project right now? Statistics Canada (2011). Dissemination Area Reference Maps, by Census Tracts, for Census Metropolitan Areas and Census Agglomerations. Available: http://www12.statcan.gc.ca/census-recensement/2011/geo/map-carte/ref/CT-SR-eng.cfm?PRCODE=35&CACODE=568

Statistics Canada (2012). GeoSearch: 2011 census. (Catalogue no. 92-142-XWE). Retrieved November 3, 2012 from Statistics Canada:http://geodepot.statcan.gc.ca/GeoSearch2011-GeoRecherche2011/GeoSearch2011-GeoRecherche2011.jsp?lang=E&otherLang=F

The Resource Management Consulting Group (2010). Created in Barrie: understanding Barrie’s arts & cultures markets 2009. Retrieved from http://www.barrie.ca/Culture/Documents/Created_In_Barrie_Understanding_Markets.pdf

StatsCan Bible pp101
www.google.com/ Nascent In the Community Breast Cancer Action
David Busby Centre
Gaming Club
Global Media Monitoring
Habitat For Humanity
Humane Society
Joyceville Institution
Junior Achievement Martha's Table
Ministry of Anime
Ottawa Distress Centre
Salvation Army
The Cord Newspaper
United Way
Wilfred Laurier Gaming
Woods Park Care Centre
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