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Purifyy - Safer Water Anywhere

Purifyy is a water purification attachment for smartphones. The aim is to improve people access to safe water anywhere in the world.

Lawrence Yu

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Purifyy - Safer Water Anywhere

Safer Water Anywhere


Purifyy is a compact water purification device that works simply by attaching it to your smartphone.
Using the proven technology of UV light to purify water, it is designed to be compact and convenient for day to day use.
Today there are more people in the world with a mobile phone than with access to safe sanitation. 1
With your help, we can create a safe and affordable water purification device for everyday use.
UV light is a proven, safe and effective method of purifying water. UV is 99.99% effective and is accepted by US EPA for disinfecting public drinking water systems. 2
Designed as a mobile phone attachment, this makes Purifyy much more compact than existing devices.
Bottled water, in addition to being an ongoing expense, creates huge amounts of waste.
UV light purification is energy efficient; boiling water consumes approx. 1,000x more energy.
UV water purification can be the cost effective and environmental choice in many situations.
Initially, we will be targeting the traveller market. With economies of scales, we are determined to make this device cost effective for people all over the world.
If you like this idea then you can help by “liking” this Prezi! Your support is vital; every little bit will bring us one step closer to the production of this device.

1 www.wateraid.org/news/news/can-technology-get-more-water-to-people‎
2 Ultraviolet Disinfection Guidance Manual for the Final Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule. Washington, DC: United States Environmental Protection Agency. November 2006.

Credits and Creative Commons Attributions

Pictures (in order of appearance):
1. Purifyy - rendering by Peter Frazier
2. It's good to talk by MattJP
3. Providing clean water and sanitation by DFID/Russell Watkins
4. Loggerhead turtle sea ocean water underwater by tpsdave
5. Mountain Dew by Karunakar Rayker
6. Waste bottles for recycling by LHOON
7. Energi by Mikael Tigerström Dirigentens
8. Children smiling in a slum by Michał Huniewicz (www.facebook.com/Michal.Huniewicz)
9. Kathmandu by Lawrence Yu
10. Connecting classrooms around the world by DFID / Pippa Ranger
-. IMG_1505.jpg by AFS-USA Intercultural Programs
-. #12- "Favorite Place" (Fountain at Farmers Market) by Bev Sykes
-. Ethiopian children play in the water of a well built by U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael Lindsey

Background Music
"Melancholic, pulsating solo piano." by Cis_Minor
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