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Copy of Lighthouses and "Three Skeleton Key"

I created this for my 7th grade class at SanLee Middle School, as an introduction to the short story "3 Skeleton Key."

Darla Hostetler

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Lighthouses and "Three Skeleton Key"

An Overview
of the Lighthouse

The Lighthouse
The First
And its
to "Three
Skeleton Key"
The Lighthouse
"Three Skeleton Key"
A lighthouse is a building near a shore that uses flashing lights to alert ships of nearby land and dangerous rocks and reefs.
The first known lighthouse was in Ancient Egypt, on the island of Pharos.
It guided ships to safety as early as 300 B.C.
Its height is estimated to have been between 393 and 450 feet.
The Pharos lighthouse is regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
A graphic reconstruction of the Pharos lighthouse
For centuries, lighthouses have been used to safely guide ships.
Before the 18th Century, lighthouses were lit by oak-log fires.
Coal was use after that, until electricity became common in the early 20th Century.
Today, some lighthouses even send out radio signals to oncoming ships.
Watch the following video and SUMMARIZE it in your own words, 2-5 sentences in length.
Here are three lighthouses from the Atlantic Coast of North Carolina. Visit the following website and write down three facts about one of these lighthouses.
Currituck Beach
Bald Head Island
Cape Hatteras
You have learned about RATS.
You have learned about LIGHTHOUSES.
You know that RATS and LIGHTHOUSES are involved in the next story we are reading.
Now, make an inference...
Infer what the SETTING and the BASIC SITUATION of "Three Skeleton Key" are.
SETTING is when and where the story takes place, and BASIC SITUATION is who the main characters are and their main problem in the story.
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